Reach the Next Level of Success
Enjoy the Life You've Earned

Educate • Elevate • Execute

International Business Advisor, Performance Coach, host of PivotMe® podcast and creator of MultiplyMe®

How Can I Multiply Me? Show Me How!

Reach the Next Level of Success Enjoy the Life You’ve Earned Educate • Elevate • Execute

International Business Advisor, Performance Coach, host of PivotMe® podcast and creator of MultiplyMe®

How Can I Multiply Me? Show Me How!

About April Garcia

About April

April Garcia is an International Business Adviser, Performance Coach, and speaker on Strategy and Mindset. Founder of the consulting firm Maven, host of April Garcia’s PivotMe® podcast, and creator of the breakthrough digital course on time management MultiplyMe®

By age 19, she had begun her long tenure of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor and had started her first company before she could legally buy a beer.

In the next several years, she graduated from numerous leadership academies, climbed the ladder as a top performer in the Financial and Telecom industry, started and built several businesses and consulted both local and international corporations from start up to billion dollar businesses including Chase Manhattan and Wells Fargo.

April is an expert in Sales and Operations, Productivity, Mindset, and helping businesses obtain sustainable Growth.

With a true insider’s perspective as both an entrepreneur and an executive, she knows what it takes to create partnerships and growth, and still has ownership interest in several businesses today.

When she’s not in the boardroom, or on the microphone, she speaks to business owners on reaching their next level of success. She loves getting people out of their chairs, motivated, and has ‘Badass’ tattooed somewhere on her body.

April will use her unstoppable energy, insight, and realness to inspire you, multiply you, and help you enjoy the life you Earned.

Organizations April has worked with

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John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire
Hal Elrod, Author of the Best-selling Series: The Miracle Morning
Cameron Herold, Business Consultant & Founder of the COO Alliance
Jay Abraham, Founder & CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc.
Sharon Lechter, Author of the Best-selling Series: Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rory Vaden, Founder of The Brandbuilders Group

Kute Blackson, Author of Best-selling books: You.Are.The.One. & The Magic of Surrender

Jim Britt, Author of Best-selling Books & Programs


Do You E3?


Yourself & Others


Elevate Your Own expectations & others around you


Consistently on what matters
We All Have The Power To Change.

See What They Are Saying

Working with April gave me the clarity and focus on which activities to focus on to accomplish my goals.

Sydney, Australia

My career is really thriving! She taught me how to create my system to be able to reach my goals…. I feel inspired, uplifted, focused, supported and equipped.

Austin, TX

The 6 Areas of April’s Framework

Leadership & Management

Carry yourself as a leader, get the right team, effectively manage your team, use systems for optimization.

Sales and Operation Strategy

Sales & Sales Management, promote yourself & brand, identify your market and avatar, BPS, sell your product/service, master negotiations, enter new markets, and processes to support growth.

Productivity and Time Management

Leverage Pareto’s Law (80/20), the modified Pomodoro Technique, manage distractions, and Eat the Frog.

Goal Attainment Strategies

Clarity on 5 year, 1 year, and 90 day goals, chunking down, lead & lag measures, leveraging your WHY, and Project Managing your own life (and business).

Establishing Outstanding Habits

Reduce friction, create payoffs, temptation bundling, habit trackers, 2-minute rule, and create that elusive “self-discipline”.


Hit the “reset button”, eliminate self-sabotage behavior, create a new story, increase confidence, essentially — you can be whoever the hell you want to be.

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