4 Steps to Getting More Done in Less Time

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What can you do today to be productive
Perform at your Best
Even now.


The right Framework takes the Guesswork out of Productivity. If you are tired of drowning in to-do lists, struggling to get everything done and still perform at your best, then this FREE video mini-series is for you.

4 Steps to Getting More Done in Less Time

gives you quick actionable tips from our more comprehensive course MultiplyMe, so you can be more effective TODAY. 


Master Distraction

Practice Prioritization 


Leverage Elimination


Apply a Framework.

What you’ll get…

4 Short Video modules, less than 7 minutes, with a quick tip you can use RIGHT AWAY to take back your time.
4 Easy to use Worksheets to help you apply 4 Steps right away.
Tools you can use every day to fully leverage the MultiplyMe method.
These are tools used by top performers, business owners, and C-suite executives to get more done in one day than many can in a week.
Be more productive and finish your tasks on time, here is the best part—you actually leave feeling accomplished!
Over the next 4 days you will be emailed a new video each day with a worksheet.
Each video is 3-7 minutes, so you can quickly apply what you learn at your desk or on-the-go.

Want a sneak peak on what we cover in the videos?

In the first video, we tackle a huge productivity killer– Distraction. We give very simple solutions to minimize it, using tools like Time Blocking, Do-not-Disturb, and Communicating to your people the WHY. These simple tools are used by High Performers and Business Leaders to get more done in less time. Now we are sharing them with you so you can stay focused on getting more done in your day.

Watch the video on Mastering Distraction and get the other 3 videos by clicking Give Me My 4 Steps Free below!

4 Steps to Getting More Done in Less Time

Free Mini Digital Course

Ready for more than the 4 Steps? ? Already know you are going to the Next Level and ready to invest in the full comprehensive MultiplyMe™ course?

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