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April Garcia​​

International Business Adviser, Performance Coach, and Expert on Productivity and Mindset


April's Story

April started her path in personal development in college. At 19 she became a passionate real estate investor and hired a business coach. She quickly moved into the financial industry managing a bank branch, grew a thriving business, and invested heavily, eventually helping start a real estate investing company

Through this period, she was also an insatiable traveler, and had her share of experiences including being attacked by a wild dog in Fiji, navigating a broken foot in El Salvador, surviving Bangkok Burn, Delhi Belly and a military coup. This evolved into traveling 45 countries and leading teams with Habitat for Humanity in many countries. 

By the age of 30, she had graduated from numerous leadership academies and moved into the telecommunications industry where she worked with $70M to $3B corporations that pioneered the industry. Later she started a management services business focused in telecom, providing product and services nationwide.

April has spent years focused on management and sales, and knows how to charter a path for growth in both business and in life. With her experience starting and managing several businesses in varied industries, she provides a genuine insider’s view. She knows the ropes — because she has fallen from them herself. She has walked this tightrope while also managing a family with two young kiddos and staying always present as a mom.

She also had a passion for challenging herself physically, and participated in numerous races, triathlons, thru-hikes, and endurance races like the Tough Mudder.

Her life has been shaped by being a diligent student. Originally trained as a scientist, with a degree in Biology, she tackles personal development with scientific precision. She has an excellent coach, and does weekly Masterminds as well as monthly professional organizations for Entrepreneurs focused on growth and contribution. As an avid reader, she has learned from some of the greatest minds in personal development, time management, and real estate; Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, the Dalai Lama, and Les Brown.

In addition to her executive coaching for sales teams and leaders, her personal coaching began organically, as she loved helping colleagues, staff, and friends reach goals such as writing books, losing weight, opening businesses, running marathons, or navigating a major career change.

Though April is the real deal, she's still unorthodox at times. She's a little edgy, and a lot of badass. She loves getting people out of their chairs and motivated, spontaneous road trips, and has 'Badass' tattooed somewhere on her body. Most of all, she loves hiking in the Sierra Nevadas with her beautiful family. 

Let April use this energy, insight, and experience to help get you to your next goal. She is passionate about helping others, and discovering how to get you to YOUR PEAK.