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Ian Koniak

Ian Koniak

Ian Koniak, Strategic Account Executive
Software Company
El Segundo, CA



Audio Specialist & Owner of Rokkwood AudioBen Williams, Audio Specialist & OwnerRokkwood AudioEntertainment IndustryEdinburgh, UKwww.rokkwoodaudio.comInterview Highlights: Hear what are the two most recognizable sounds in the world  22 minutes in, you find out...


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April Garcia, the founder of the consulting firm Maven, is an International Business Adviser, Performance Coach, and host of April Garcia’s PivotMe podcast.  She is an expert in Sales and Operations, Productivity, and Mindset

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April Garcia’s PivotMe® podcast

A no b.s check-in for high performing professionals, hustling entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to aim high AND make a difference. Mindset. Execution. Humor. YOU BELONG HERE.




Working with April gave me the clarity and focus on which activities to focus on to accomplish my goals.

Riz  Sydney, Australia

I was focused on the wrong things and I was struggling with insecurity and money and now I have the focus and accountability I needed to succeed.

Chris  San Juan, Puerto Rico

April helps me to overcome procrastination, she made me be accountable. It helped me get my confidence again and overcome my fear of joining the corporate world. Phenomenal, effective and personal.

Dawn  Lancaster, PA

My career is really thriving! She taught me how to create my system to be able to reach my goals…. I feel inspired, uplifted, focused, supported and equipped.

Bethany   Austin, TX

April has a good way to deliver you the truth, and have your ah ha moment, without smacking it on my face,

Erick  Cleveland, OH

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