April Garcia

Founder of Maven and host of the popular business and entrepreneur podcast April Garcia’s PivotMe®

Straight from the boardroom to the microphone, April Garcia the founder of the business consulting firm Maven, delivers a no b.s check-in for high performing professionals, hustling entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to aim high AND make a difference. April Garcia’s PivotMe®
is the answer to those asking, “How do I get to the next level?”

Whatever your goal is; business, finance, health, or relationships what you need most is the right mindset, consistent execution, and a little humor. If you are working towards a goal—YOU BELONG HERE. This is not just a podcast, this is an UPGRADE for your life!

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Protecting Your Business Against Vulnerabilities and Avoidable Problems

3 Steps to Stop Giving Power to an Old Hurt

“Why am I still retelling this old story of how that person wronged me?” When we retell an old story, an old pain, we give energy to it and form a stronger connection to it. Retelling that story makes it more important, more significant. Don’t let that story or person...

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Protecting Your Business Against Vulnerabilities and Avoidable Problems

Pivot Point: We Are In An Inflection Point

Sometimes in life we come to a major crossroads.  And sometimes you can blow right through that crossroads and not even know it's there...until it's in your rear view mirror.  So today we ask - is right now one of those times for you? In this episode we talk about...

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