April Garcia

Founder of Maven and host of the popular business and entrepreneur podcast April Garcia’s PivotMe®

Straight from the boardroom to the microphone, April Garcia the founder of the business consulting firm Maven, delivers a no b.s check-in for high performing professionals, hustling entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to aim high AND make a difference. April Garcia’s PivotMe®
is the answer to those asking, “How do I get to the next level?”

Whatever your goal is; business, finance, health, or relationships what you need most is the right mindset, consistent execution, and a little humor. If you are working towards a goal—YOU BELONG HERE. This is not just a podcast, this is an UPGRADE for your life!

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Recent Podcasts

    • Do Your Goals Intimidate Others? Don’t Play Small!

      As you become a bigger fish in the pond, it will intimate others. As your desires, ambition or success rise, so might the feeling that others are intimidated by you.

      You ambition might shine a light on them.

    • MultiplyMe Launch: How to Get 3x Work Done in Less Time

      Big week for the PivotMe Team and my company Maven! This is the week that we launched MultiplyMe, the digital course showing you how to get more done, in less time.

    • Pivot Point: We Are In An Inflection Point

      Sometimes in life we come to a major crossroads. And sometimes you can blow right through that crossroads and not even know it's there...until it's in your rear view mirror. So today we ask - is right now one of those times for you?

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