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April Garcia​​

International Business Adviser, Performance Coach, and Expert on Productivity and Mindset



Hear from people already working with our team.

Smiling Woman

I have had the pleasure of receiving the benefit of Business Coaching from April Garcia. She was essential in guiding me when building my company, Breaking Waves Mentoring. April helped me through the process, from business plan to mission statement, and from a sales pitch to solid income. Her easy-going manner, upbeat personality and great sense of humor made me feel comfortable immediately. 


It was apparent from our very first session that this was a woman who knows what she is talking about. I appreciated her candor, suggestions and encouragement. I highly recommend April for anyone looking to begin a new business or take their current business to the next level. You will not be disappointed!

Breaking Waves Mentoring, Reno


Young Beautiful Girl

April has been a source of inspiration and a role model even before she knew it was her calling. As someone who didn't get out of her comfort zone much, I had many dreams that I wasn't embracing due to time constraints and fear of the unknown. I met April and immediately knew she could help because I saw her living life to the fullest. I've now had amazing, life changing experiences including building homes in distant foreign villages, overcoming my fear of flying to work on obtaining my private pilot's license, and training in martial arts when I was sure I would never be able to throw a punch for fear of hurting my clumsy self rather than the intended recipient. 

April showed me that in time with planned out steps all fears and hurdles can be conquered. I just recently quit my 8-5 two hour commute job to start my own  business. With April's  guidance and the arsenal of tools she has given me, I am facing challenges with purpose and love. I am loving a fuller and more meaningful life. 


Thank you AG!

Registered Nurse, Sacramento


April's leadership, dedication, attention to detail and commitment towards her clients is commendable. She possesses incomparable drive to innovate and bring out the best of yourself through her business and leadership coaching skills.


I worked with her while setting up my start-up firm and was able to identify the missing links in Business Sales Management, Logistics and how to drive your company as customer's advocate (that too a profitable one) rather just be a money-making machine. If you are looking for a coach to help you reap long-term results, she is your go-to person. 

She has expert coaching skills and drew out my own wisdom with compassion and insight. She is truly a remarkable women and I hold her with great esteem. She is not only able to accomplish great undertakings on her own, but also helps others do so for their lives.

April's ability to 'read' people, identify their strengths and connect the dots are admirable. With these skills she is able to customize her coaching and leadership efforts for you and your company.

Neem Eco Events, Buenos Aires


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Mentoring, cheerleading, positivity...it all comes naturally to April. She has sent me encouraging messages to start off a new week. Every time we chat on the phone, I feel inspired to tackle the next step of whatever dream I'm chasing. Even when I get her voicemail, her message of "MAKE it a great day!" leaves me feeling powerful!

Dream Site Designer, Chicago