EPS 10: Your Personal Board of Directors

In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Identify who is on YOUR Personal Board of Directors and how they got a seat
  • Choose the RIGHT people to support and advise you
  • Vote the WRONG people off your Board

When making a major decision in your life, who do you go to for advice?  Who is the voice in your head?

Your supportive partner? A wise mentor? Somebody who has your best interest at heart and cheers you on?

Or, is it a hyper-critical parent? Is the voice in your head that ex-boss or partner who excelled in exposing your weaknesses or failures?

Let’s dig into YOUR Personal Board of Directors…You have one! We ALL do!

Even if you don’t realize it, they are there in the background of your life. Some we have chosen purposely for the advice and experience that they add, but some have snuck through a crackeddoor, even have a seat at the table even though it does not benefit us or our goals.

The quality of our lives is influenced by these people and we may not even know it or realize that they are there! Not everybody gets a seat at the table!!! To make the cut, they need to be propelling you into the version of yourself that YOU want and what is best for you, NOT keeping you stuck in the version of your life that is more comfortable and convenient for THEM!

In this episode, I will give you tips and tricks on identifying who is on your Board and why, how to choose the right people to advise and empower you and how to vote those unhelpful people off the board so their opinions no longer hold you back from the life that you are designing.

Action Steps:

  • Make a list on who is on your Personal Board of Directors and WHY! (12:04)
  • Make a list of who is on the Board but does not deserve a seat and WHY! (12:29)
  • CLEAN HOUSE as if the quality of your life depends on it…because it DOES!!! (13:10)

Suggested Reading:

Forbes Magazine Everyone Needs A Personal Board of Directors by Lisa Barrington February 20, 2018