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Enjoy the life you earned.

Are you ready for the next level of success? Do you love learning, personal development, podcasts, and are focused on getting even better? You’ve had some measure of success, established some good habits — but are ready for more?

Great! We know that. We’ve lived it. Now let’s talk about how we can help you get to that next level.

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Small exclusive group focused on Goal Setting, High-Performance Habits, Mindset, Leadership, & Time Management.



Listen to the popular Entrepreneurship podcast April Garcia’s PivotMe®
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See April Speak Live

Want to hear her Framework live?
Have the in person experience and learn about rock solid habits, leadership, managing your mindset and story, scaling profit, and how to enjoy the life you earned.

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We have a small exclusive virtual group focused on Goal Setting, High-Performance Habits, Mindset, Leadership, & Time Management.
Discuss your goals, wins, hurdles, and how to direct your life.

Don’t just live a life, Design one.

This exclusive framework follows a proven plan to move you ahead.

We talk Strategy, but we do Execution.

This isn’t just feel-good, you can watch a romantic comedy for that, we want results.
As you grow, enjoy better health, deeper relationships, and more income because you show up differently in the world, we ask that you create impact for others too.

Contribute more to the world around you through your Influence.

We are all Influencers, High Performers are just intentional about it.

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How does the Mastermind Get Results?

By using High-Performance Habits, Best Practices of Experts and Big Business, we stand on the shoulders of giants and get further faster.

Who is this for?

People who are reaching for the next level of success. They have already enjoyed some success, life is “pretty good”, but they are capable of so much more. They know if they had more time, better habits, a laser-focused mindset — that they would reach it. This is for people who want a place where they can be honest about both the joy of achievement and the pain of growth.

​They are not at the beginning of their journey, they know life is happening for them and they own that power in their own lives. They know it is up to them to create an extraordinary life and legacy and they are actively pursuing it.

Are you ready for Accountability, Community, and Massive CHANGE?

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Listen to the April Garcia’s PivotMe®

Straight from the boardroom to the microphone, April Garcia the founder of the business consulting firm Maven, delivers a no b.s check-in for high performing professionals, hustling entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to aim high AND make a difference. April Garcia’s PivotMe®
is the answer to those asking, “How do I get to the next level?”

Whatever your goal is; business, finance, health, or relationships what you need most is the right mindset, consistent execution, and a little humor. If you are working towards a goal—YOU BELONG HERE. This is not just a podcast, this is an UPGRADE for your life!


The 6 Areas of April’s Framework

Leadership & Management

Carry yourself as a leader, get the right team, effectively manage your team, use systems for optimization.

Sales and Operation Strategy

Sales & Sales Management, promote yourself & brand, identify your market and avatar, BPS, sell your product/service, master negotiations, enter new markets, and processes to support growth.

Productivity and Time Management

Leverage Pareto’s Law (80/20), the modified Pomodoro Technique, manage distractions, and Eat the Frog.

Goal Attainment Strategies

Clarity on 5 year, 1 year, and 90 day goals, chunking down, lead & lag measures, leveraging your WHY, and Project Managing your own life and business.

Establishing Outstanding Habits

Reduce friction, create payoffs, temptation bundling, habit trackers, 2-minute rule, and create that elusive “self-discipline”.


Hit the “reset button”, eliminate self-sabotage behavior, create a new story, increase confidence, essentially — you can be whoever the hell you want to be.

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