EPS 12 Build Others Up: The Atta-Boy Revisited

 In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to create and continue to build your personal Atta-folder
  • The importance of building others up on a regular basis and how to do it effectively
  • How to boost morale, increase productivity and job satisfaction of your staff with this simple, yet effective, habit

 In Episode 1, How to Punch Negativity in the Face, we discussed an important concept and tool called the “Atta folder.” This folder is a place for you to collect all of the positive feedback you receive from those around you. This can be either personal or professional but, hopefully, you are receiving it from both arenas and it looks like: screenshots of emails, texts, tags, notes…anything that builds you up and reminds you of a strength that you possess or a job well done.

The purpose of this folder, is to be a treasure chest of reminders of your AWESOMENESS! Evidence of what we have done wrong and what didn’t work is always available, right? This goodie bag of compliments and achievements needs to be there to serve as a shield for the hard days to fill in the gaps and protect us from the self-doubt and insecurity that we ALL experience from time to time. Let me tell ya friends, this is MAGIC!

Today, we are going to revisit why we need these folders of inspiration and commendation but we will mainly focus on the other side of this coin as we ask ourselves: Are we regularly and intentionally filling the “Atta folders” of those around us?

It is vital to speak to strengths and to build others up! In showing sincere appreciation for their value and impact on our business and our lives, we can not only help others to build up their folders but ultimately, create a ripple effect as person after person makes it a habit to affirm and show appreciation for others.

Join me as we discuss the many benefits of this vital practice for ourselves, examine the life changing results this has on others and how we can create a sustainable habit of encouragement that will make a huge impact in the lives around us.

Action Steps:

  • If you haven’t already, create YOUR own Atta-folder! If you already have one, add to it as often as possible and let the contents give you a boost as needed! (10:06)
  • Go out and give sincere compliments or feedback to 3 people. This can be a handwritten note, a text, email…the important thing is that you are as specific as possible about what this person has done and why you appreciated it. (10:33)
  • Create a habit around regularly building others up! Schedule it! Put a twice weekly reminder in your phone to show appreciation or create a ritual during school drop off or at the dinner table to highlight and affirm the strengths of those closest to you. (11:40)

Video Links:

Stepdad leaves notes on his stepdaughter’s door as she grows up to give her day a boost. She kept them and years later she frames and returns them to her stepdad as a “Thank You” on Father’s Day to show him what those notes meant to her.