EPS 13 Trademarking Part 1: 4 Steps to Protect Your Brand

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of trademarking your business, brand and products
  • Where to start and FREE tools available to begin your name search
  • The proper steps to maximize success and protect your amazing brand

Trademarking. Essential for your business but NOT for the faint of heart!

As a business owner at the start of your trademarking journey, you will understand very quickly how arduous this process can be. It seems like an endless amount of steps (Forward! Backward! Side to side!) when it comes to where to start and how to make it through the hallowed gates of actually having your name, business, brand and products trademarked.

In this 2 part series, let’s Cha-Cha!

Today, we will share the basics on how to get started, free resources available to anybody with internet, how to keep your expectations in line with trademark realities and a cautionary tale of finding yourself (and business) on the wrong end of trademark infringement.

With a little research, trustworthy resources and a whole lot of patience, YOU can make it to the other side of this and have the peace of mind knowing that your hard work will be protected.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as we get expert advice and discuss the nitty gritty details with our own trademark attorney Lara Pearson of the Lake Tahoe based firm, Brand Geek.

Action Steps:

  • Identify a name for your company with your target audience in mind. Arguably the most important step but again, choose several names as “THE” perfect name is…probably already taken. Adjust expectations—let’s PIVOT! (8:32)
  • Check the patent office at uspto.gov to see if your names are available. (9:30)
  • Have the name searched through an actual agency!!! (10:45)
  • Once you have found a name that is available, have your lawyer submit an opinion letter and a proper trademark application. (11:28)

Suggested Resources:

Namecheckr: Free website that checks available names across several platforms, including social media. (14:55)

uspto.gov : Free name search tool through the U.S. patent office. (15:11)

Remember, these two websites are an excellent way to start your search but if you are building and scaling a company, protect it by investing in a qualified professional specializing in trademark law.