Episode 15 : Protecting Your Brand: Interview with Lara Pearson , Trademark Attorney

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why YOUR business needs a good trademark attorney and how to find one
  • How to avoid MAJOR pitfalls in Trademarking
  • How to decide on your brand and why you should avoid “descriptive” branding
  • The difference between copyrights and trademarks

As we discussed in EPS 13, the trademarking process is NOT for the amateur! There are so many details and nuances that can be missed and quickly add up to one expensive lesson. The best solution for success? Hire an experienced professional to take the lead and guide you through the battlefield that is trademarking!

Today, we hear from OUR very own trademark attorney, the very talented Lara Pearson from Brand Geek, a Lake Tahoe based firm specializing in Intellectual Property.

We will candidly explore the ins and outs of trademarking, including how to select your brand name, what to avoid, obstacles to anticipate and discuss the protection that an experienced attorney can offer your business and products.

No doubt about it, this can be trying for a business, but we will make it simple!  Listen in as Lara breaks through common misconceptions during the trademark process and gives valuable insight on how best to select AND protect your brand!  Plus—she’s just a riot to listen to!

Action Steps:

  • Find a qualified trademark attorney. Remember, relationship matters! Finding one that you trust, and could have a beer with is important!
  • Get them involved in the process early to save time and money!
  • Federally register your brand!! Protect your products and hard work by safeguarding it!

Lara Pearson can be found at her website: https://www.brandgeek.net/