EPS 16: Your Personal Board of Directors Part 2

 In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Stop the revolving door of board members
  • Ensure that each person serves in their area of expertise
  • Place your future, more experienced self on your board
  • Vote out negative members while maintaining a relationship with them

Today, we are following up on Episode 10 Your Personal Board of Directors!

That episode hit a nerve as many listeners and clients reached out with questions after discovering that they were struggling in this essential area! Many were surprised not only that they HAD a board, but that they had not staffed them well.

Many times, the staffing of our boards is due to our own insecurities, not trusting our own judgement or wanting to win the approval of others. We can hear the same message or voice over and over in our minds until it simply becomes background noise that we no longer question nor are we consciously aware of.

We can change this– if we are willing to examine it.

So, let’s continue to explore this topic and discover the power that WE hold when we become the Chairman of our own boards, and how to powerfully change our lives when we decide that the conversations in our head are no longer open to everybody with an opinion.

Action Steps:

  • List out WHO is on the board and what area they serve! Who should NOT be there? Who SHOULD be there? Who is going to push you to be your best? (11:30)