In This Episode, You Will Learn How:

  • Chris from Puerto Rico changed his relationship with money from guilt-ridden and destructive to joyful and full of opportunity (1:45)
  • An inspiring client from Sydney applies the idea of how to make more money with the equation Skillset + Self-worth =Value (4:26)
  • Making more money is not always about increasing your skills (5:46)
  • Roxi from New Zealand was able to get over the cycle of self-sabotage regarding her relationship with money and start enjoying it! (8:45)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Money Episode!

Of all the topics that I teach on, the topic of M-O-N-E-Y is one that has created a stir and struck a chord with many.

Why? Why is our relationship with money such a loaded topic? What I found is many people didn’t realize that they had an issue with money until it was brought up.

In this follow-up, we are going to share 4 insights from clients that I have worked with regarding how recognizing and changing their relationships with money has changed their lives for the better.


  • Continue to work on your relationship with money. It is a wonderful tool that gives you options! If you missed it, be sure to catch Episode 4 Money Part 1: 6 Strategies to Get Out Of Money’s Way!
  • Study, re-define and grow your self-worth! Necessary for a great life in general, having a healthy sense of self-worth is crucial if you want to change your salary and start making that money.
  • Check out the many videos, podcasts, and interviews with John Assaraf in regards to The Money Story for more tips and inspiration on how to grow your value AND your salary.
  • Remember: Money is not good or bad…it is just a TOOL!