Word of Intention for Your 12 Week Year In This Episode, You Will Learn: • The power of choosing and implementing your Word of Intention • The importance of breaking your life into 12 week periods, instead of years.

Energy! Connection! Joy! Growth! Fearless! Strength! These are just a few examples of words that can be used to inspire, motivate and push you to be the best version of yourself. Having a word to intentionally focus on is a valuable tool to bring about change and to help you remember who you want to be and what you are striving to accomplish. It is important, when choosing your word, as with any goal, to decide on a deadline or “season” that you want to see this word come to life in order to maintain your motivation. This may be a time period that you determine or one that is determined for you. Are you a month away from school finals? You have a month to FOCUS and study. Do you have a marathon coming up in June? PUSH through your training until it is time to taper and then PUSH on race day. In this episode, I give tips for choosing your word of intention and give examples of how to live it out in your daily life. We will discuss the magic of planning and evaluating your life in 12 week blocks and I will share a personal story of how my own word of intention was lived out after an injury on a business trip to Nashville. Action: • Choose your word and decide how you will manifest more of this in your life. Plan for opportunities to live this word out! (26:37) • Write your word! Write it on the mirror. Put it on a sticky note next to your bed. Have it as an alarm on your phone. Put it in a place where you will look at it often as a reminder of who you are striving to be in this season. (28:55) • Take a photo of your word and post to Instagram! Tag me @aprilgarcia_thespark so we can encourage each other! (30:32)

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