EPS 7 Habits Part 1: 5 Tools to Master Your Habits

In this episode you will learn to:

  • Identify your bad habits and evaluate the payoff to these behaviors
  • Create new habits and decrease the friction involved with maintaining them
  • Build success with small wins through Keystone Habits and learn the #1 most common habit among the most successful people in the world
  • Fully leverage tools, such as your phone alarm, to keep you on track and set you up for success
  • Develop a reward system to create positive associations to tasks through temptation bundling

MOTIVATION!!! Who wants more motivation? Well, what do you want it for?

Starting a business? Writing a book? Continuing a workout routine?

Spoiler alert! The answer to achieving these things and so much more is NOT motivation!!! Motivation will ebb and flow throughout the day, sometimes swinging wildly by the hour. If you are looking to create this better life, better health, better business, a better product- more motivation is not what you need! What you need are HABITS!! Positive, practiced habits that are consistently executed will bring about more results and change your life way faster than moments of “motivation” will.

Today, I will walk you through how to honestly evaluate your habits to see what is serving you and moving you forward to the life that you desire and which ones are holding you back. With tips, tricks and a look at 5 tools to master your habits, let’s dive in and shake the myth that motivation is all that matters.

And stay tuned for Episode 2 as we continue to discuss habits and the power they have to change your life! Remember, if we can identify it, we can rewire it!

Action Steps:

  • Remember a time where you had an excellent habit that benefited your life and goals. You can have this same success again! (3:37)
  • Acknowledge your bad habits, what reward you gain from them and then create friction around it to make it easy to walk away from them! (9:27)
  • Develop your Keystone Habits for small wins and make your freaking bed!! (10:44)
  • Establish good habits and work to decrease friction to accomplishing them…AKA get out of your own way! (12:15)
  • Set your alarms the day before and label them with a word that means something to you! Example: Unstoppable!  (15:08)
  • Set up a reward system or “temptation bundle” with the good habit so you have something to look forward to (17:03)

Suggested reading:

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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

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