This week we heard from you! We did something different this week and connected with PivotMe listeners, staff, and others from around the world sharing the challenges they overcame this year and also something they are surprisingly grateful for. We heard from people who moved into new careers, had huge swings in their business, lost a family member, got a dog, counted their blessings, screamed into their pillow—and everything in between. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the year and our lives and take inventory. Join us to hear of my own journey this year and mostly importantly why dogs are better than cats. _____________________________________________________ You need more time. We can give it to you. We created 4 STEPS to DOING MORE in LESS TIME. And right now—it is free! 4 Steps 4 Short Videos 4 Easy Worksheets Lifetime Impact on your schedule Go to www.pivot-me.com/4Steps and get your free mini-series emailed to you.