My guest today is a top business consultant, best-selling author of multiple books, and world-renowned speaker, Cameron Herold. He’s the driving force behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth and he’s directly influenced innumerable businesses through his expertise.

Cameron is the founder of the COO Alliance, author of Double Double / Meetings Suck / Vivid Vision / Free PR / The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs. He is also the mastermind behind 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s amazing growth as their COO plus the adviser to several large companies including a “Big 4” wireless carrier and a monarchy.

In this episode, we discuss how Cameron was groomed to become an entrepreneur at a young age and now uses that expertise to help grow businesses. Cameron shares the focus- faith- effort formula that you need to execute to become a successful entrepreneur.

Listen in to learn how to perfect the art of building a personal brand by design!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How does one become an adviser to a Monarchy? [1:33]
  • How specifically were you groomed to be an entrepreneur? [8:25]
  • What’s a pivotal moment in your life when it all changed? [20:41]
  • How much vulnerability should a leader bring to the table with their team so that there is  trust and confidence? [25:24]
  • Can you expand on the concept of vivid vision and how often you’re communicating that to your team? [27:20]
  • What are you telling the businesses that you work with on how to best navigate the COVID-19 season? [36:10]
  • I noticed that you have a really strong personal brand, how did you go about that process? [50:05]
  • What is the role of a COO and at what point does someone bring on a COO? [52:12]

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Cameron got the chance to be a business coach to a Monarchy and the power of putting yourself there [1:44]
  • The type of clients he coaches and why he doesn’t work with people he can’t be friends with [5:56]
  • How Cameron was groomed by his parents to become an entrepreneur and the value of time for him [8:44]
  • How to create a daily accountability partner to help you get through your goals [12:07]
  • How to master the art of teaching and encouraging entrepreneurship in your kids [14:26]
  • Cameron’s entrepreneurship journey, getting into the mastermind mind world and learning to connect [21:10]
  • The three things that he focuses on when attending mastermind events [24:25]
  • How to be vulnerable with what you don’t know as a leader while retaining the confidence of your team [25:42]
  • The concept of vivid vision- describing your business in a plan that you work towards achieving today [27:27]
  • The focus- faith- effort formulae that entrepreneurs need to follow with their businesses for success [31:01]
  • The importance of focusing on business growth and investing in sales and marketing during the COVID-19 season [36:34]
  • How to use your bipolar as a superpower and the benefits of associating with business owners as a business owner [39:27]
  • Understanding the importance of an executive assistant [48:00]
  • Cameron’s personal brand built by design and intention [50:17]
  • The role of a COO explained as the second in command after the CEO [52:25]
  • What being an entrepreneur allows you to do plus some pivot points on how to balance entrepreneurship and life [57:20]
  • Cameron’s favorite movie and his plans for the future [1:01:02]

Connect with Cameron Herold:

Website: https://cameronherold.com/

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