What is taking you so long to get to the success of your goal? Success isn’t a mystery and can be quite predictable, but for it to work, you have to put in strategic work. What if there was a secret formula that you can use to get to your personal, business, or big project goals?

In this episode, April shares Cameron Herold’s Secret Formula to success- a quantitative way to predict success. Listen in to learn how to calculate the Focus x Faith x Effort = Success formula and execute it to ensure you reach your goals strategically.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [0:32] How to use the Focus x Faith x Effort = Success quantitative formula to predict the success of a personal or business goal. Give each of the 3 factors a rating like a percentage and calculate your realistic chances of success.
  • [6:31] Think of the biggest needle-mover between the focus, faith, and effort factors when doing your calculations.
  • [7:20] The power of affirmations, visualization, and getting in the room with people who’ve already done what you’re trying to do to bump up your faith.
  • [10:38] How raising necessity increases your chances of success.
  • [13:00] Figure out which lever to pull and the likelihood to change the three factors to impact and move along your success.

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This article first appeared on April McKeegan-Garcia LinkedIn page.