Is a past limp still serving you? Are those adjustments still protecting you, really? They’re probably just holding you back and you need to recognize it before you miss opportunities you believe you aren’t ready for. Start by deciding and then continue with the process of rewiring to walk your journey without a limp.

In this episode, April shares her limping story of how her brain tried to protect her from hurt that no longer existed. Listen in to learn how April’s story relates to how you’re probably holding on to past adjustments to a pain that no longer exists.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [0:58] April shares a throwback story of how she got held back by a limp.
  • [5:52] How you try to protect yourself after getting hurt for survival and how that can hold you back over time.
  • [6:47] Learn to recognize what’s holding you back before you miss opportunities that you think you aren’t ready for.
  • “In life, especially after being hurt, we’re trying to protect ourselves, do anything to avoid that hurt again.” [5:57]
  • “Change your story and you can change your life.” [6:50]
  • “Walking without a limp is worth it.” [7:34]

Join us in this episode to learn how not to answer your emails at home and make your work-life integration safe!  

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