In this episode, April interviews Martin Hewlett, a renowned British hypnotherapist who has been guiding millions through a season of high anxiety and stress, and who’s calming words have been a beacon of light to many through his podcast Calming Anxiety.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [11:56] If you rush you will make mistakes, just take a deep breath and say “I am going to do the best I can do” there is no need for stress or anger, don’t focus on the things you can not change.
  • [13:18] How to manage anxiety and navigate change. Prioritize yourself and your mental health and then you will be able to look after your family.
  • [16:48] Practicing mindfulness with your kids teaching them to know their emotions and work on them.
  • [18:45] Parents apologizing to their kids is important. They know you make mistakes, own them.
  • [19:55] Teaching our kids the value of debating. I didn’t get parenting right the first time, but that was my past (childhood) interfering.
  • [35:12] How to deal with overwhelm and high-performance anxiety. You need to take time out 5-10 minutes a day to let your brain relax.

Show notes Quotes:

  • “Don’t let the past define you but use it as an instrument of strength and growth.” [7:30]
  • “You can change your world just by thinking about it”. ” [37:42]
  • “The negative anchors of our past holds us from really being who we want to be” [50:10]

You can listen to Martin Hewlett podcast Calming Anxiety Podcast here:https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/calming-anxiety/id1485448436 or at his website at www.martinhewlett.co.uk

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