My guest in this episode is a successful entrepreneur and a sought-after keynote speaker who teaches sales and marketing leaders to multiply their customers by creating superfans, Brittany Hodak. She is the co-founder of The Superfan Company, a multimillion-dollar fan-engagement agency that has worked with brands including Disney, Amazon, Walmart, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, the Boston Red Sox. In 2015, she was on ABC’s Shark Tank and was offered deals from four Sharks at a valuation of more than $4 million.

In this episode, we discuss how she never thought of becoming an entrepreneur until she took the risk of starting The Superfan Company at 26 years. Brittany shares about the pivotal moment when she left her multistate agency to become a keynote speaker.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Did you have formal speaking training or are you a naturally gifted speaker? [5:58]
  • Did you struggle with identity of switching away from being associated with your company? [13:05]
  • You’ve enjoyed a lot of success in your career already, what do you think has been key components to that? [18:49]
  • What do you actually talk about in your keynotes? [22:18]

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The moment she discovered keynote speaking was better suited for her than running a multistate agency [3:26]
  • How she never thought of becoming an entrepreneur and much less a keynote speaker [6:10]
  • How to choose what is best for everyone when exiting your business [10:42]
  • Brittany’s journey to detaching her identity from the success of her business and moving beyond the known into the unknown [13:30]
  • Why she doesn’t follow any routine or habits but is keen on setting one monthly goal [17:20]
  • How to pick one thing and be great at it rather than chasing every shiny object out there [19:02]
  • Brittany’s keynote message of creating superfans (fans that create more fans) [22:22]
  • How to articulate your story to your customers so they can externalize it to other people [27:12]

Connect with Brittany Hodak:

Brittany Hodak Website

Brittany Hodak LinkedIn

Brittany Hodak Facebook

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