How do you quickly increase your confidence? Because really, more often, confidence is not inherent but rather created. Increasing your confidence will be the beginning of improving many aspects of your life.

In this episode, April shares five things you can do to quickly build your confidence. You’ll be surprised by some of these simple and easily overlooked tips that can tremendously improve both your professional and personal life.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [1:49] Tell yourself a better Story. Always keep in mind that it’s not the events of your life that matter most but the stories you tell yourself about the events in your lives. You have a choice whether to reach for a positive or negative story. Advice: Stop looking for evidence to support a negative narrative but instead a positive one that makes you feel confident!
  • [4:03] Affirmations. These are based on science and teach your brain a new different way to think. Learn to pick empowering affirmations; at least five positive ones that even out that negative one you might have let slide.
  • [6:45] Manage your posture/ state. According to a Power Posing study, to manage your body language, you need to stand with your shoulders held back and your head held high. Remember that how you hold your body, does have an impact on how you think and a commanding powerful stance will make you feel powerful.
  • [9:31] Review your Atta-Boy folder. What are some of your achievements, accomplishments, wins that make you feel amazing- confident? What have you stored in your Atta-Boy folder that you review to make you feel confident? It is important to have a private treasure chest either on your phone or laptop to pull from when you need a confidence boost.
  • [11:47] Review your badass List. The crazy things you have overcome in your life, what are they? Reminding yourself of the badass that you are, will give you the power to press on at any moment’s notice.
  • [13:42] A quick run-through of the 5 ways to boost your confidence in any situation.

Join me in this episode as we quickly boost your confidence and improve aspects of your life!

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