EPS 23: Calendar Audit In this episode we review: your calendar 1 month back and 1 month forward and ask some probing questions on if our priorities are lining up. This calendar audit is rooted in the concept of:  Show me your calendar and bank account and I can tell what is important to you.  This concept can sting a bit. We could argue that – just because we don’t see our priorities on our schedule, doesn’t mean they aren’t important to us!  Or does it… Time to do the (re)balancing act.  April walks us through our calendar and helps us seek out our priorities and scoff at unnecessary obligations. Before we wrap up this year, let’s reflect on what we’ve done up until this point—and be intentional on how we wrap up this decade. New Decade New You! Action Steps: Answer these powerful questions: 1. Does your schedule really reflect your priorities? 2. Of the things you see in your calendar, which were stuff you wanted to do vs. the priorities of others? 3.  Reflecting on the goals you had at the beginning of this year, how many were schedule in to your calendar?