·        This episode is for both the experienced delegator—who knows how to get massive amount of stuff done by leveraging others. And also for the budding delegator. Maybe you’ve tried it before but feel like you either  aren’t doing it right, or that it’s just easier to do it yourself.  Either way—we’ll help you get there! ·        “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” If you believe this statement, you are limiting yourself! ·        Understand the crucial difference between Can vs. Should.  ·        We’ll also give you 6 simple steps to Delegating like a pro and getting back some of your most precious non-renewable resource– your time!   6 Things to Communicate to Effectively Delegate: Who What Where When Why and How

By the end of this episode you will be Delegating like a pro and already be moving the first task off your plate, and on to someone else’s!