As you become a bigger fish in the pond, it will intimate others. As your desires, ambition or success rise, so might the feeling that others are intimidated by you.

You ambition might shine a light on them. Highlight their own insecurity. And while that’s easier to manage when its an internet troll or Sally in Accounting, it gets sticky when its someone close to us.

In this episode you learn how to navigate our ambition, and most importantly, NO AMOUNT of niceness will help those that are threatened by your success. 

You cannot be polite enough to quiet their concerns without being small.

Haters gonna hate. That’s what they do.  But you need to keep moving ahead. Take steps forward.  Don’t. Get. Small. 

No amount of politeness, no amount of bake sales, volunteer work, or quietness at the table you deserve to be at—will help. Stand up. Stand out. Keep pushing. Keep hustling. Bring as many people along as you can.

If it is someone you love, let them know they are still very important to you. Let them know there is space for them in the new you. They don’t have to change because you did.

If you love this person, manage it with kindness and patience. But don’t manage by being small.

You weren’t made to be small. Now go out there and kick some ass!


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