You will be celebrated when you become successful.

But not one. Second. Before.

People will not support you when you do something that does not fit into their image of you or the role, they believe you should be playing. You will be criticized, met with concern, and ridiculed. The people closest to us will be the first ones to say it’s impossible. These words stop your progression and are hurting. Remember that no matter how good or noble your idea is, it won’t lack ridicule at some level. I did things out of the norm and they were often met with ridicule. Your goal should be to focus on your purpose and press on without other people’s approval. Many successful people I’ve talked to say they didn’t share their ideas because there were chances of being ridiculed. Your ridicule now will be where you draw strength tomorrow when you face a similar problem. Join me in this episode as we talk about success and ridicule! Resources Mentioned: Untamed by Glennon Doyle What can you do today? To Be Productive. Effective. Perform at your best. Even now. Are you struggling to stay focused? If you have the right framework, it takes the guesswork out of Productivity. Get our FREE mini-series 4 Steps: Doing More in Less Time Visit https://www.pivot-me.com/4Steps/ to get it TODAY!