Get Money for Investment in YOU

  • In today’s episode we are going to be talking about… the investment you have made into YOU!
  • I’m going to give you a new way to think about the time and financial commitments you’ve made into developing yourself and skills, and how to monetize them.

You are worth more money to your partners, to your employees, bosses, to everyone because you invest in yourself. You add more value. You are better this month, because of the investment you made last month.  Your value went up!  And the value you bring to the marketplace, plus confidence, directly effects the amount of money you should command. And I don’t care what you charged last month. Stop using the old you as a bench mark!  Stop using your old skillset, your old value, hell—your old confidence, as a benchmark of what you should get paid. If you are a designer and you were charging $100/hour at the beginning of the year— so WHAT?  It’s about the value you bring to the marketplace NOW. Not about the value you brought to the marketplace at the beginning of the year. You should be paid more, you should command more income after you’ve invested a ton in yourself and your business.