My guest on the show today is me as I get interviewed by Ashley Baxter of the Courageous Worth Podcast. I talk about how I help entrepreneurs work towards a greater good even as they reach their goals.

I share my entrepreneurial journey, doing humanitarian work in developing nations, and starting my current business that helps small businesses across the globe. We dive into the topic of intentional living and how most of our decisions are made in isolation.

Listen in to learn how to stay and become successful in your own lane as an entrepreneur without comparison.

Some Questions I was Asked:

  • What does a day in the life of April Garcia look like? [1:47]
  • Tell us about your business now, what do you do, who do you help and how? [7:22]
  • Of all the humanitarian work that you’ve done, what is one of them that really sticks out to you that’s been meaningful? [11:04]
  • What is one of your favorite qualities about yourself and how do you live that quality out? [17:14]

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How my typical day looks like plus my strong and consistent morning routine and how I balance work and family [1:53]
  • How I work with SMEs owner’s mindsets to get them to the next level by doing what is of the greater good [7:26]
  • I narrate one of the most touching experiences of my humanitarian work [11:23]
  • Why I became an entrepreneur due to a need to create my own rules [13:16]
  • Learning how to stay in your own lane without comparison and doing what is serving you [15:06]
  • How I love inspiring others and my passion in lighting a fire for people [17:26]

Connect with Ashley Baxter:

Website: https://www.theashleybaxter.com/

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