Join us as we have designed an effective and fun way to approach our lives and business through Set Design. We give you an awesome way to frame your day, your behavior and your habits, so you can be the Star leading character. Experience set design in a quaint Charleston hotel, learn how you can leverage it for your best day, and the perils of leaving a banana in your office overnight.

You are watching an opening scene in a movie. You see a messy apartment, a bottle of vodka tipped over, a pizza box laying on the floor, a bedside alarm clock that 11am. At this point, no words have been spoken—the movie hasn’t “said” a word, but they’ve already told you everything you need to know. You have assumed many things about the character. They drink too much, they sleep in, they are unstructured, they are undisciplined, maybe even more than that- they are a mess. That is the story we tell ourselves about the character, that we have yet to meet. You are experiencing set design. Believe a story and are likely experiencing an emotion or exhibiting a behavior because of the set design. And this means everything. Every day, we are designing our own sets. We are telling a story about our lives, our business, and our families. Ultimately we are telling a story about us as the leading character. Look around your office? Look around your bedroom. What does your Set Design say about you? In this episode, we begin with the end in mind. You intentionally design your set. You are thinking about a movie, where the main character is ___ blank. Fill in the blank. The main character is an extraordinary leader. The main character is a super organized mom. The main character is wildly in love with their partner. Now go design the set accordingly. But today you are NOT going to think about how to become that person. You are not going to think about what you need to do to be that person. You are only thinking about the set design. Actionable Advice: Design the set for that leading character you want to be. You are the Star of your own show. Now get your directors cap on, get your clip board out—and go design the set! Dial in next time to hear how we leverage the presence and the pressure of a film crew to become the hero of your story!