Last time we talked about using Hollywood Set Design to set your leading character (you) up for success. We designed the set and with your clipboard in hand and headset on, you created a great environment for the Star of the show to shine (also you!)   In this episode we take it a step further, as you step in front of the camera, and into your leading role.  Aaand…action!

You have a film crew following you. They were filming when you woke up, and they hop in the car as you drive to the office or take your kids to school.  What would they have seen? If they were there this morning when you worked out—did you put on a good show? Did you give it your all? If they filmed the way you spoke to your kids, your partner– would you be proud of what they put on screen? Did you show up as the leading character you want to be?

To expand on this idea, we discuss the #Resource The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham. He introduces the concept of you being the CEO of YOU Inc. And being CEO, you are responsible for Sales, R&D, Education, Betterment Programs, Health, Finances, Quality of Relationships everything.

IF sales are up—its on you, if sales are down—its on you. Whether you have good relationships, bad relationship—that’s all your management or mismanagement. So regardless of whether it’s a film crew following you, or your board of directors monitoring how you are operating YOU Inc. – the idea is the same. They have seen everything you did this month. Every phone call, every website, how focused you were, how you managed your people and day. They saw it all. What would that say about the leading character?

What we are doing in this exercise is two fold: 1. Reminding you to bring your A-game. To level up your activities, your habits because you are capable of greatness. 2. Empowering you. The power is in your hands. Don’t give it away, don’t blame anyone else—its up to you if you are the hero of your own story. -> No one else is playing you <- Leverage the idea of someone watching you operating in your set to bring your best today. Imagine this week that the film crew is with you. The Board of Director for YOU Inc. is watching. Be proud of what is captured. Show up as the leading character you want to be because you decided to be the hero of your own story. Deliver your best performance yet!