Let’s just be honest, who’s life is out of balance at the moment?  Who’s struggling to stay focused on our goals, show up as your best self, and not get pulled down a hole?

You want to still reach for the next level of success, perform at your best, but it’s hard.

If you aggressively nodded your head, then this podcast is for you!

Life is a (Re)Balancing act.

There is no perfect balance that you strike. You don’t get all the plates of your life and business spinning, and then sit back and admire your hard work indefinitely.

We show you how to do a weekly check-in to maintain your balance and reinforce your wooden boat.

And we give you FREE our Wheel of Life (download HERE https://www.pivot-me.com/wheel-of-life/) to use so you can quantity the areas of your life right now.

Next Steps:

1. Do an end of week review—how am I doing? If every week was like this week—where would I be in 5 years?

2. Download the Wheel of Life, do it today!  And then continue to do it on the last day of every month.

Reinforce your boat!  (Re)balance your life, because some plates might be wobbling!


What can you do today to be Productive? Effective. Perform at your best. Even now.

Are you struggling to stay focused?  If you have the right framework, it takes the guesswork out of Productivity.

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