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How to Transition From C-Suite to Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader and Speaker


About Our Guest:

Alicia Driskill, keynote speaker that left a high profile and lucrative role in entertainment and media to create her own business and movement with EvolveHer.

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On PivotMe today, we have Alicia Driskill, a visionary leader and keynote speaker that left a high profile and lucrative role in entertainment and media to create her own business and movement with EvolveHer. She decided to leave her corporate role when she realized someone else was living her life.

She explains how her transformation from corporate to entrepreneurship began after the loss of her dad and an encounter with a homeless person.

Listen in to learn how to boldly shift your identity from your corporate titles to entrepreneur after transitioning. You will also learn the importance of documenting your wins to boost your confidence and having a community to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [7:53] Was there a particular moment when you were in corporate America that made you realize it wasn’t working anymore?
  • [10:02] Talk to us about that jump, how was the identity shift for you?
  • [20:33] How do you self-sabotage and how do you get yourself out of it?
  • [26:41] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?  

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [8:19] She describes the moment that she made the big jump to leave the corporate behind.
  • [10:15] Her struggles with impostor syndrome as a new entrepreneur coming from the corporate.
  • [17:14] The challenging yet exciting experience the EvolveHer space ended up becoming.
  • [20:37] How she self-sabotages with lack of confidence and how she walks past that.
  • [23:42] Boost your confidence by documenting your wins plus have a community to support you.
  • [26:48] How to evolve by understanding your values and prioritizing what’s important to you. 



  • “With impostor syndrome, it’s so important that you document all of your successes and that you celebrate little wins along the way.”– Alicia [24:37]
  • “Remember to continue to evolve and give yourself the grace and the time to truly prioritize yourself so that you can always live the life that you want.”– Alicia [26:51]


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