President at Creative Works

Armando Lanuti, President
Creative Works
Entertainment Industry
Mooresville, IN

Interview Highlights:

1. Assume Positive Intent (23:12)
2. Businesses need to make cleanliness part of the show (30:20)
3. Use an Entre-leadership reporting tool (or something similar) to check in with your team. Be intentional and specific with your questions. (36:21)
4. Open and share Audible accounts with staff- focus this time on education and self-improvement. (38:38)
5. If I need to micromanage my staff, then I made the wrong decision during the hiring process. (47:44)
6. “Responsible Freedom” (50:17)
7. Decompression not Distraction. Reach for something that decompresses you, not distracts you. How do you know the difference? How do you feel after? Better? The same? (57:07)

About Our Guest:

Our guest is Armando Lanuti, President of Creative Works, creators of immersive attractions for the location-based entertainment industry.
Armando talks through some of the big challenges his company is facing and how we can all move forward in changing times.

Connect with Armando Lanuti at www.thewoweffect.com


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