President of Lewis and Clark Inc.

Frank Clark, President
Lewis & Clark Inc.
Electronics Distributor and Business Consulting
Tampa, FL

Interview Highlights:

  1. Uses Zoom for meetings with his team to maintain face to face contact as much as possible. Also utilizes email, text messages and Whatsapp to stay connected (5:21)
  2. Managing an international business during a time of fear with grace and patience (6:46)
  3. We are common in our vulnerability (9:10)
  4. State management as a leader (9:54)
  5. Showing up with intention for the people in your life (staff/family) (12:24)
  6. Changing focus (14:35)
  7. We have the opportunity to do all of the things that we usually do not have time to do. Use this time wisely and be sure that your team and customers know that you appreciate them. Demonstrate gratitude. (17:34)
  8. Evaluate your current business systems (inventory, HR, marketing, etc.) and update them. Make them efficient and user friendly so you are ready for business to return to normal. (20:08)
  9. Motion creates emotion. Move your body! (22:40)
  10. Stay in touch with other leaders in your industry. Pass around hope and positivity. (25:06)
  11. Gratitude and Fear cannot coexist (36:29)
  12. Use your influence and affluence to pay it forward (43:30)


About Our Guest:

Frank Clark is President of Lewis and Clark Inc., where they buy, refurbish and sell electronics equipment around the world. He is also an accomplished life, business and success coach. He is based in Tampa, Florida.


Connect with Frank Clark at www.lewis-clark.com



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