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all right welcome to pivot me live super excited about my guest today we were just catching up a little bit my guest today is daniel mangena wall street journal’s master of success public speaker and two times best-selling author after receiving a late diagnosis of asperger’s and experience a life-shattering trauma at the age of 20 daniel spent seven years struggling to keep these revelations and events from spilling into his everyday life as a result of his struggles daniel built a simple four-step system called the beyond intention paradigm through his motivational speeches daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy his books and podcast series have all helped thousands across the globe his prolific so it’s so big i had a hard time saying it his prolific work recently earned him a spot in the wall street journal as a master of success as seen on wall street journal market watch abc nbc cbs and fox welcome to pivot me daniel thank you for having me so daniel wow okay well let’s let’s get into it no so i’m just gonna i’m just gonna ask a question specifically about your bio which usually is about two or three questions in daniel we’re just gonna jump to it because i feel like i feel like we handle it i feel like we’re on our a game today so usually in pivot me we talk about a moment where everything changed and right in your bio seems to be a moment where everything changed so daniel tell us about a time where where you pivoted where everything did change you know it’s what’s really funny is that over time i’ve come to see that my life is like a film trilogy or we’ll call it a book trilogy given the pivot the audience there you go i’ve got i’ve got like part one which goes up to about the age of 20 which is the first time that i lost millions of pounds yes as i it started the the film started to move into the end credits and then when i actually lost everything the second time at 24 that’s when that’s what we definitely was like okay this movie’s done now you were on the second time by twenty four twenty four i almost made a lot of events i don’t know if that’s a quick learner or or fa i don’t know what that is daniel but that’s impressive yeah yeah yeah gotta have impressive actually so disastrously impressive that as i looked at the aftermath of because the first time i was like still young right i didn’t have i hadn’t faced adversity success had come pretty easily i got into like personal development mindset visualization quite unquote manifesting well that wasn’t really the word that people were using at the time i was doing the silver method um i had mentors i was like pen paling with like i’d find authors and be like hey like i’m a 17 year old like i really want to learn from you can i be your pen pal and learn from you and like i was getting mentors at that age so like i got they got forward and and when stuff kind of went wrong i was like oh okay cool it’s going to wrong i’m just going to do it i’m going to go for it again so i wasn’t really um i wasn’t thrown off until my second time the second time i was like okay all right maybe because my mum was like why don’t you just finish a college degree easy come on so i’d i got into kebab college oxford which is quite a fancy university i lost my place there in something called the grade scandal that happened in 2002 so what happened was is that i went off on this rebel path where i said well i’m gonna like be against the system i’m not gonna they’re not gonna hold me back i’m just gonna go and do it so my parents are african immigrants to the uk education is a very big thing so when i was like no i’m gonna they’re like no you’re going to university so i end up going to university i didn’t want to go to it was the only red brick uni i could get into after two weeks after all all the other places had gone something called clearing that they do in the uk and i managed to get into this unit to study international financial economics i didn’t go to lectures i didn’t do my homework i was like this like this rebel mode still rebelling i’m gonna rebel and i was like i went deeper into the readings like i’m just gonna go and be a millionaire instead i became very focused on that anyway managed to do it by the age of 20 and then lost everything within a year which was funny but um i was like you managed to do it by the age of 20 you you did what by the age of 20. made him i’ve been becoming a millionaire i made myself a millionaire by the age of 20 you may you were self-made millionaire by the age of 20. 20 and lost it before i turned 21. i just want to emphasize self-made so this is not generational wealth no very very different things parents my parents were they weren’t economic migrants they migrated to the uk in the 70s before it was like popular they were like they were like they migrated before it was called yeah before it was cool they’re like my dad was like well i want to get more education i kind of reach as far as i can in zimbabwe time to go to england and that’s that’s what happened with that so they’re all about hard work get it done get a job blah blah blah so i went off and did and um yeah balls that up which is another story so when i get to the second time i was like oh god you know i took a year out from university in 2002 so 19 years ago my year out has turned into 19 years my mom’s still in your year out i’m still in my europe my mom still thinks so my mom’s still like so son where are you going to finish your degree it’s like mom like i’m rich i live in a i live in cabo like i’ve got a kid now but she’s still holding out hope she’s cool so just photoshop it daniel photoshop and center for christmas maybe i’ll get an honorary one one of my majors actually going on a phd i was like maybe i’ll get one of those that’s the next goal yeah i get to this thing where i’m like okay maybe i did get it wrong maybe i’ve been living in this delusional bubble because i was doggedly standing my beliefs through the first loss through the second loss and the mess of the aftermath and i was just like ah maybe i got it wrong i should have just gone to church every week married that girl bit a deacon been an elder gone to work in the city that’s originally planned been an investment banker and think and i became so consumed with the idea that i’d messed up so irreparably that there was nothing to come from this i actually wanted to take my own life and april the only reason why i didn’t here’s the crazy thing this is where the second movie starts the second book starts the only reason why i didn’t is i didn’t want to fail at something else wow so book two was actually me trying to work out what had gone wrong so i could successfully commit suicide i hadn’t worked out i hadn’t said i’m going to fix this thing so i can go and create again i was like i’ve done the creation thing i just kind of want to bow out now let me just work out what’s wrong with this creation thing [Music] and the next 13 years i would say 12 13 years was spent accidentally polluting myself with so much positive inputs as i was trying to work out what was wrong with this model that i ended up creating what now is commonly known as my beyond intention paradigm um my book stepping beyond intention breaks down that and a bit of the sort of where it came around but i would say the major pivot definitely happened at that point where i became so committed to fixing my model i had a different intention but that was the major pivot along the way i was diagnosed with asperger’s which really helped me um i i become a much better person through the experience i’ve learned a lot about myself i’ve learned a lot about getting help and being supported i’ve learned a lot about being humble and remembering that i’m human but the big big big pivot was at that point where i actually over over analyzed myself out of suicide because i wanted to make sure that i didn’t fail at something else so if we’re going for pivots i’d say that one a book two is that’s it yeah that’s a fascinating book too oh so many questions where do i go okay oh so many things okay so what i just need to know so was there this defining moment where you’re like oh suicide’s off the table no this is the crazy thing people cook like a spectrum you just slowly moved away from that’s what it was because the thing is is that now i understand how my brain works from being on the autistic spectrum i realize that when i have my outcome i just i just kind of chop away but one of the most beautiful things i learn about how we create our reality is the importance of the mental environment against which our reality is being created and i basically did a complete mental rehab without really knowing that that was going on because i was like okay i need to i mean i was reading voraciously i was like what had gone wrong where was it missing i was studying autobiographies i was studying i think and i was like where had where was the missing piece because a model that i had before worked i’d made not once but twice actually there was a third time that kind of was there but it didn’t really work out the same way like it all kind of fell apart but so i knew that there was something there to it but it was unsustainable and the things that came up out of that were the importance of self autonomy agency right not blaming the power of now that now is the only time i can make choices the power of expectation and how my environment and my inputs impact that and now i’m able to do that consciously now i’m able to show people how to do that consciously but no matter where you’re at choices are made from where we’re at internally where our internally is affected by environment our environment doesn’t have an opinion it just works on the input so when we change those inputs we change the environment we change the narrative we change the choices we change the reality absolutely so i want to go into the things that you’ve learned and the the paradigm shift that’s got you to where you are now but i i need to go back to first i want to point out self-made millionaires usually lose it on average two times so daniel already had it all out of the way by 24 so it’s really just a quick study so that’s an average and that that’s been studied extensively sometimes it’s four or five sometimes it’s one but on average it’s twice um let me ask you this though not so much how did you get it but how did you lose it because it’s different too okay i had a great idea great product i launched when i got two million dollars and then i was able to sustain success but you’re saying i lost it all like was it i’m sure it was self-sabotage was it a market dried up was it the wrong product wrong fits what was it no it was so point number one first time basically the only thing that went wrong with how i funded the business i accidentally broke the law with how i funded the business basically so everything got seized because uh put this way if i have a business and i say april i’ve got this business if you give me a loan for me to fund my business and i give you rate of return on that loan that’s legal if we have a document that says april invest in my business and i’m going to give you a share of it not share certificate but invest in directly that’s against the law i had no idea that was the case so i basically accidentally set up an unlicensed investment business so the government were like you can’t have that we’ll take it i was like oh okay good idea that was oh okay so not only did i lose my capital every penny that i made became proceeds of crime and so they it was it was it was hilarious because you know i thought they fought that for years i fought it for years and they were like no you can’t have it this is the law and i understand that the law’s there to protect people so i get it you know i do get it and you know for a long time part and parcel of that thing of just only responsibility was that at the time i was like 19 years old like yeah what like i should have just been like getting drunk and dating girls and stuff like that but i was like no i’m going for world domination start up for and you know the big thing and this is what i want to say for you know entrepreneurs leaders of any age the importance of council like now i’ve spent over 172 000 i spent on my personal development last year as coaching mentoring you know got like making sure that i’ve always got the right team around me you know my mentors i’ve got now keep me like operating at the best level but also keep me making sure things are done properly because simply having like even just like a bog standard business guidance that you can get from like a local government thing would have been like dude you can’t do this but i was like this 19 year old i’m gonna beat the sister i didn’t know the funniest thing april my dad my dad’s job was a business advisor right so this is one of the mechanics car never runs right yeah so yeah my dad like he he took he really took it quite hard like when i when i lost everything because he’s like awesome i did well we weren’t talking at the time so we weren’t speaking for 18 months i mean something really ridiculous and i remember the conversation when we stopped speaking i was like well if i’ve been speaking to my dad maybe like i would have set things up properly but anyway that was that one but i just want to stress it doesn’t matter how much you think you know how great your idea is every single one of my mentors always said having right legal counsel a banker that can work with you give you liquidity when you need it and give you support when you need it and you know a right accountant that’s going to help you know where the money is at those are immaterial i would also add to that someone that’s going to keep your mental health in good shape someone’s going to keep your emotional health in good shape or at least practices that do that yeah that team behind you will always set you up for success no matter what you can have a half-baked idea but if you’ve got the right lawyers the right accountants the right money behind you the right ability to visualize and connect with that then you’re going to be okay i think we talk about it on the pivot me podcast we talk about your personal board of directors oh yeah you don’t have to have a large organization on a personal board of directors and and if you don’t pick them they’re already in there and sometimes they’ll end up being like some high school teacher and people that should not be on our board of directors we’re like board of directors and how critical it is and plus we’re huge advocates of coaching um i’m a high of a performance coach and i will always have coaches i always have business advisors i’m a business advisor it’s it’s huge um the best athletes of all time always have coaches so that’s so important of having official counsel but also to your point someone that kind of keeps you mentally locked in on your goals and make sure that all the distractions um that can get in the way when we’re going after goals doesn’t get doesn’t doesn’t dilute our focus daniel where did all this confidence come from so was it just a desire to rebel i mean we’re talking about doing something that’s very young when everybody is like they’re on their mom’s couch and they’re getting drunk they’re not thinking about things like this where did the confidence come from where did the eyes come from where did the ideas come from i mean that’s a pretty big deviation from how other people were doing it at that age i think again it comes down to the inputs you know um i always knew i was gonna be a millionaire this is not something that and you’re probably you’ve probably found this with a lot of your your guests and people that you’ve studied they just kind of knew that this was all it was this was it wasn’t oh maybe this will happen it was just yeah that’s on the cards it’s going to happen i actually wanted to do it by 18. that was my original players i felt like a bit of a failure yeah 18 months too late but ultimately my inputs were i was you know i started reading and studying and following people from very young so the funny thing is because of my aspergers i didn’t really have like mates i was going out to the ice rink weird and stuff like that i was kind of like not even a nerd i didn’t even have like nerdy friends i was just on my game i i’ve got my mission this is what i’m gonna do and so for me it wasn’t even confidence it’s just this is what it was gonna be it was just who i am this is what i’m gonna achieve and so as opportunities arose against the backdrop of that you know looking at entrepreneurs and and studying people like you know there’s some questions around his morality but bill gates who did it quite young it’s like yeah i’m just gonna go for it those were the people that i looked to was like well if they can do it i can do it too and i hadn’t faced any adversity i hadn’t seen enough life to know that things can go wrong i had i had this this naivety backed by certainty that this is what i’m here to do i’m just going to make it i would say that’s what it was it reminds me of the whole i don’t know actually no i haven’t fact checked this but the they love to say in the personal development world about the bumble bee how if you look at the wings relation in relation to the weight of the bumblebee that it shouldn’t be able to fly to be able to fly but nobody ever told the bumblebee that i always think about that when someone really succeeds against all odds i’m like i have a kind of like a bumble bee nobody sat down and went look those wings can’t hold that body up we’ll do that so daniel just went flying away breaking laws just doing that what did you do differently so you talked about the beyond intention paradigm you’ve you’ve written books you’ve got a podcast tell me about how daniel lives his life differently or what you created to make sure that this success is sustained now you know now it’s for something bigger than me and as cheesy as that sounds right get ready for the the mac and cheese right now as cheesy as that sounds i’ve come to understand that financial success material success isn’t a cause it’s an effect and it’s an effect that follows a life that’s overflowing full right so you know even me coming to live in cabo i came here for three days three days turned into ten i moved into a hotel this is where i am now cool now i have a house and got married and i’ve got a kid right and it was because when i was here everything was just in a space of flow i was happy all the time things were just grooving and shaking how i was internally started to reflect in how i i was externally so focusing on where i’m at internally being deliberate in the direction of where that is whilst at the same time taking actions on the opportunities that arise from that space is how i live my life now i’m not chasing a dollar right i’m like okay i have this opportunity to create value with this industry or someone’s come to me and said hey here’s an opportunity here does it align with where i’m at in here yes then it’s a natural overflow and i follow it and that’s what i do now yeah yeah that’s so important um in the in the podcast at the beginning of the intro i talk about my former career so i came from the telecom industry in the financial industry and at the very beginning um what i talked about is that initially my career was about making large companies larger and rich people richer um and now i made this shift and it was probably about two two or three years ago now where i made this very big shift where if i didn’t align very closely with the company that i was partnering with with the clients that i was working with i was no longer going to work with them um and you know if i could go back and do it again hindsight’s 2020 but if i could go back and do it all again i wouldn’t have aligned my expertise my skill set my team with anyone that was not um that we weren’t in alignment with and there was plenty of times we’re like well we’ll just get a massage it will make it work you sometimes have to work with people you don’t like um in fact i tell the story that i had this skill set so i did a lot of negotiation and so they’d always go sunday blend she’s really good with difficult people and i could win over the most horrible this is a terrible skill set daniel and i i thought this was a great skill set i was like oh man i’m so good with difficult people if you say that to yourself just so you know this is not a good skill set so instead it should be like i work with people i love instead of like i’m really good at the bad people yeah so don’t don’t spend too much your career doing that i don’t make the mistake i did yeah but you know like i’ve found even when challenges have come up now around that kind of thing going for something that’s not necessarily for me if i just ask us why do we do that we do that from fear fear that what we have isn’t enough fear that there isn’t enough stuff out there for me with flow that i have to do this hustling and grinding and pushing right you know i had this um recently um i had a so i didn’t really want to be a coach april just so you know i didn’t want to be a coach i didn’t either i’m curious if it’s the same reason but wait because i i was like no and i’m not going to put my bio and i was like oh i do coach people a lot of guys i’m curious why your reason is i was like when when we went into sort of book three of the trilogy which started um it was an awkward meditation 13th of february i was in the mountains in santa fe new mexico which was very cold six o’clock in the morning and this profound vision that came to me the middle of this walking meditation that showed me what my life would be like if i dropped the seven-figure business i just built up and just took the time out to share the journey and allow this to be something other people sort of take on this is a great beginning for your movie just you’re setting a great scene all right it’s good i see it in my mind it’s beautiful and uh i’d had that call i’ve been getting that call for about a year but i was like yeah but i kind of like having lots of watches and i had a beautiful husband i fly first class if you want to go somewhere i’d do it this was going to be i didn’t want to be a poor teacher so when i hooked away from that experience i was like you know what that’s going to be more and so part and parcel of the the kind of the end of the book before was that i had the call i said all right cool i’m gonna make some extra money and put it aside and have my little cushion because i was gonna do the podcast i was gonna do some speaking i was gonna finally finish stepping beyond the intention which took me like 12 years to write before i finally put it on the on the shelves and and that’s what i was going to do and then i ended up sort of going on the journey that brought me here and everything was lovely and then people started paying me to talk to them and coach them that kind of grew and i’ve got a signature program that we’ve had that’s made people millionaires and stuff using what i learned from my journey and then like a couple i said about six weeks ago coming up to the beginning of this year it just started to stop being fun you know it’s not felt like work to me you know i get up i love the people i work with we do like multiple group calls a week and i charge a lot less than i need to charge because i’ve got other interests at me and i don’t really need to rely on it for money but i realized actually this community of like 100 or so people had actually been taking all my energy and i wasn’t actually doing what i was called to do and so i realized that that thing of it not feeling like fun anymore is because i started fall out of alignment because it i’d actually started to realize the distractive element of what i was doing wow and so i actually closed down a program that you know people willingly paying 22 grand a year for so i’m not doing it anymore no more people closed it and then i realized that i was actually being called to come back to what i want to do which is going out there getting on podcast doing speaking engagements i’m going to be investing heavily in doing some virtual stuff this year getting stuff in people’s hands and we’re doing ads now not to sell stuff but just to put the content in front of people so that they can have real change but the coaching thing ended up actually becoming a little bit of a distraction and it was because i kind of lost sight of the fact that the abundance that’s going to fill me up and keep me living the life that i love can come from anywhere and i actually had the freedom to let go of something that we’re paying very well knowing that everything’s going to be okay regardless whether that’s on the table or not but sometimes we end up holding on to those things right dealing with the difficult people dealing with the difficult clients thinking this is what we have to do but true abundance is being able to let go of that knowing that the goodness is going to come from somewhere else and i can’t get my new blessing if i’m holding on for dear life to something that’s not for me anymore yeah i love the analogy when you imagine it is like a tree branch and you can’t reach that next limb when you’re still holding on desperately like there’s this moment where you’re airborne and you just gotta know that there’s a moment where you have to let go the last branch when you’re reaching for the next one that’s the part that we can sometimes avoid and that’s fear talking to us um but we don’t get to that next branch unless we let go of the last one daniel so let me ask you this so when you’re thinking about what you’re called to do so and i didn’t prepare you for this i’m going to put you on spot but um purpose of your life like what are you here to do daniel me mm-hmm so my second book the dream is manifesto which is where the whole dream thing dream with your eyes open jimmy ceo dream dreamy dan all comes from there’s more layers to it it goes down this esoteric rabbit hole but ultimately what it comes down to is the fact that people talk about purpose like simon sinek wrote start with why and then everyone got obsessed with finding their way like what’s this why i’m going to start with we get in this thing and i’ve actually got a keynote speech i’ve got called the pointlessness of purpose and what i mean by that is i don’t think purpose is the beginning i think that purpose is the expression of something that we’re encoded with that we’re here to contribute my vision of reality is a universal tapestry that we all have a thread in that adds to the universal consciousness and this experience that we all tapped into and living and experiencing and that thread is the thing that becomes the foundation for our purpose finding it for me as a matter of this i ask myself one question what feels good and does no harm and i’m moving to that i think purpose to exist beyond the now means that we have a predetermined thing that stands beyond us but as we learn new things as we expand as we grow who we are then there are possibilities and opportunities available to us change too so i actually become i remain very fluid in terms of the purpose but my calling is to ignite within people an awareness of the fact that they do have that thread and to inspire them not to hold on to the branches of a purpose that they think they have but to remain open to the flow of life guided them onto the purpose that they could actually step into that’s good and so many people live their whole lives without actually doing the work or spending the time just getting quiet enough to listen to what that might be because we’re just kind of responding to triggers right i mean there’s so many triggers from distractions in our phone to expectations to career business all of that stuff um and many of us just end up getting on autopilot and we don’t stop the car and go wait a second am i driving to the place i even want to drive to does this even make sense and it sounds like you’re giving people pause and some clarity that’s good daniel so talk talk to me about setting intention so i i’m i’m a fan of setting attention but um are you are you are you a fan or against it talk to us about it okay so for me an intention is disrupting the unconscious pattern okay right we’re always creating consciously or unconsciously you know one of the irks that some of the people in the manifestation community have with me is the fact that i’m like what are you surrendering to i’m surrendered to the flood of life poppycock there is no surrendering to the flow of life we are all the universe is not a tyrant god is not a tyrant the divine is not a tyrant we have free will free will is the exercising of choice and that is always happening consciously or unconsciously the reason why i keep coming to that consciousness unconsciously because if we’re not consciously choosing we’re operating on whatever unconscious pattern that we have as much as 70 of that unconscious pattern isn’t even from us it’s from our environment between the edges of two and seven so whatever you are around between the ages of two and seven is actually doing seventy percent of the heavy lifting as to what you are creating and surrendering to right so when i talk about intention i’m saying i’m going to consciously step into the driver’s seat and regardless of what patents operating underneath i’m going to choose what i’m moving towards so for me intention is a disruption okay and when i speak about beyond intention and the beyond intention model what i’m really speaking to is getting to a point where the internal environment is aligned with us at a soul at heart level to a degree that we don’t need to keep disrupting because we’re moving in the right direction anyway i don’t have to turn right off the street this is the right street i’m on the right street i don’t need to set the intention of churning direction it’s just holding space myself to keep on that journey there was a quote that um it just you just remind me of one which is until we turn the unconscious conscious it will direct our life and we will call it faith it’s good huh i was just thinking i’m like that’s perfect that’s exactly it and people don’t know it they’re like oh well it’s just destiny it was just fate i’m like it was just you responding and you just didn’t realize it well what’s the point and you know i’m a philosopher at heart i suppose but you know what what’s the point of this whole thing if we’re just here as you know robots playing out some predetermined thing and even when we look at the construct of reality which has been scientifically demonstrated to be true even when we go to the words of the ancients and uncover what they had to say about like there is nothing beyond the now beyond the now we have the infinite possibility of of all but we are going to experience that which we are aligned with and that which we’re in the moment the momentum towards that momentum can be disrupted through intention or will be followed through with unconscious creation and there are those who will call it faith those who call it the will of god those who call it the devil but ultimately it’s a choice that’s been made at an unconscious level to maintain that momentum and not to change to what we consciously desire sure so how does one turn it into a conscious decision well this is the intention-setting process i mean there’s a free resource on my website that i’ve got like a little infogram that’s got like the five five steps some type of things again i just want to make note this isn’t like grab this give the email aggressive immediately i’m going to sell you by twenty thousand dollar program like no like it’s literally just grab the free resource you’ll get my newsletter but the newsletter is literally giving you really cool stuff and if you don’t like that you can unsubscribe it’s not gonna be like here buy some things not that there’s anything wrong with that i’m just saying sure this is what we’re doing right but ultimately the the overall steps of this where am i now like honestly where am i now there are too many times that we’re setting intentions about a thing and then projecting ourselves into another place no there’s a story i said in my book that actually happened to me that i don’t like i wasn’t i was gonna tell an analogy a pretend like someone’s called bob but it wasn’t it was me that did this so i was meant to go to toronto to be on a tv show so i get to i was in new york uh my wife is russian american but she was in new york so i was back and forth for a little bit earlier in the relationship i was in new york i was like i get to the airport i go to the desk my my assistant that does my travel book keeps you german very efficient so i i never have to worry about here julia sends me like a couple of options i pick the one she books the ticket she puts it on the card i just go to the airport so i’m at the airport at the desk giving my passport um can’t find you on the plane they’re like searching what’s going wrong what’s up so basically what happened was julia picked the right ticket which had actually left from laguardia an hour and a half before i was in jlk looking at the wrong airline desk for the wrong plane going to the right airport at the wrong time ah so i ended up missing the tv interview there was no way to get there that day it was two o’clock in the morning so julie for julia she was asleep she didn’t know what’s going on but basically you know this is what happens when we we’re not honest with where we are i could sit there and have a vision board on my phone a mind movie that’s got this beautiful thing of me taking off from from jfk but the plane left from laguardia and unless i own where i am then how can i make the right effective choices how can i plot the right route how can i get the right support to get to where i want to be so regardless of what the intention is unless that is set from an honest look of where you are the likelihood that you’re going to get to your destination is just now right so honest brutally honest i mean i’m you know i’m a butthole right i am the difficult person in the room i don’t have the capital right now to make this happen i don’t have skills and resources we’re not beating ourselves up for it we’re just taking honest stock so that we can actually start to repair that where do i want to go next yeah yeah so what i heard is radical candor and extreme ownership ah 100 combination of those is that pretty all the time april no no no no no but the thing about that though is i’m a huge believer in extreme ownership as well and the thing about that is you’re taking your power back the second it’s julia’s fault the second it’s the ticket agent’s fault the second it’s the steve tv show for not being able to reschedule it yeah we’ve given our power away and that’s no way to live because you can you can there’s lots of things that you can be victimized by there’s lots of things where you can give up your power um but what does that get you that doesn’t serve you at all so instead how can i influence this and if this is something that’s wildly out of my control i can’t influence the outcome well you better make peace a better change exactly the longer you take like being pissed off about it that’s not going to serve you at all because because this is the thing this is one of the backdoor routes i find that the unconscious mind uses to keep us locked in the same place we become so obsessed with the failures and shortfalls based on where we are to where we want to be that we actually don’t just you know strap up you know bootstrap yeah boxes up you know get out of bed and start moving in the right direction all of that energy gets locked up in shame in guilt in blame and and it’s just a powerless position that we don’t need to be in we can actually say okay i cocked up okay i had that opportunity no worries i’ve now learned the lesson wisdom is the memory without the emotional charge when i take the wisdom of that come without the emotional charges okay this is where i was because the thing is we look at the contract of time every time we’re reflecting on something it’s always where i was it’s not where i am now it’s where i was where i am now depends on the choice right now and if my choice is okay based on where that was this is where i want to go next now i can keep moving forward and when i do it that way i can always always always win yeah and you can influence it i think so many people um they give up their power and they forget how much they actually have influence over it and you know the other thing we talk a lot about on this on this show is is choosing your story so um two people can experience the exact same thing and walk away with wildly different interpretations of it and one’s empowering and one’s disempowering it’s like they’re you know there’s an old story about you know twins and they grew up and their father was an alcoholic and he broke the line up in jail and you know one one son ends up as an alcoholic two and when asked about it he says well of course look who my father is and the other guy is successful runs a business married kids never drinks a day in his life and you ask why and he says well of course look who my father is right so um as as nice and pre-packaged as that story is i mean it’s it’s true and we see that example all the time so um one of the speeches that i give is about um turn your excuses into reasons and it’s amazing how people will sit down and go well i’m an introverted so that means and they start that dot i’m like whatever you’re about to say it’s a story don’t tell me you’re bad at sales because you’re an introvert don’t tell me you can’t get ahead because of you know because you had a tough childhood and not to say that that doesn’t mean a moment of reflection and empathy and all those things um but you can either use that as your excuse or you can use it as your reason and what i’m hearing is you’re fueling everything is like well i’ve got influence over this so what what part do i have influence over it i get to choose my story and i get to choose what this means to me because i’m i’m kind of designing this instead of just letting the story define it for me because if i’m letting it define for me then i’m a slave to whatever the outcome is it’s true it’s true this is not fun it’s not fun because like okay cool i can do it this way i could i can do it that way it’s just another way that’s way more fun and look the lazy way of just leaving things yeah fine it’s easier in terms of there’s less energy expenditure you can just be a blob on the river of circumstance you can do that and for some people it might work out a blob on the river of circumstance there’s a tweetable moment right and that might work for you but do you want to run the gauntlet of leaving your fate to the hands of the unconscious which you didn’t even have a deliberate hand in when actually the steps are available to you to go in and ascertain what’s happening at the unconscious which isn’t that difficult the environment doesn’t lie the inner world reflects in the outer world and just starting to make choices about what do i want to keep and what do i do what do i reject where do i want to move forward and what do you want to leave behind yeah very very simple questions and it doesn’t have to be a big life-changing thing every day it can just be chipping away what i talk about micro shifts just incremental changes in small areas yeah talk to us about microship that was the next question i was going to ask you once for filling that up for me daniel yeah um micro shifting for me is it’s like a it’s the love child of the off the the orgy of of baby steps consistency celebration is something i call minimum deliverables right when i bring those all together i get this love child of concocted love child of of of of micro shifting so the definition is a consistent series of baby steps made in direction of a con consciously chosen outcome so what i do is i have my intention about where i want to be it can be as big a goal as as i want but then instead of me looking at that big goal i simply ask what small step no matter how small can i make in the direction of that and it could be seemingly insignificant and this is where the minimum deliverable comes in because a minimum deliverable basically says what’s something that i can do without resistance no matter how small i’m not looking for as big as i can i’m actually looking for as small as i can make and then when i make that i celebrate it as if i finished the entire big goal again and i keep chipping away with these minimum deliverables over time the compound effect of that is going to be the minimum deliverables for me are going to get bigger because the resistance is going to be reduced the momentum is going to be is going to be built the ideas in my mind the stories and narratives about something not being possible or dissolving because they’re only there because of the evidence of it not being possible now i’ve got evidence of it being possible after a while those microshifts will actually still be microchipped but with quantum leaps things will start to take life of their own you’ll start to be supported unconsciously which means even the reality that you’re creating around you is going to be more conducive to you moving forward in bigger steps you’re going to find yourself more deeply supported you’ll find miracles and opportunities coming in because everything in our environment is responding to where we are so when i microsoft i i i chip away at the current reality start to build a new one and a really powerful space for me to get to any outcome that i want ah so it’s so good so one of the things we talk about here a lot is that a lot of times people believe that their lives or business are changed by one sweeping step like one giant leap off the path it’s usually not that usually our lives and businesses we think it’s this defining moment no no you started taking these little two millimeter shifts a year before um that’s really how we change our life in business whether it’s your fitness and you’re just deciding that okay i’m gonna have a protein shake for lunch instead of going out to eat for lunch every day or it’s our business it’s deciding these tiny little things that we’re doing so i love this celebrating the minimal deliverables i love that concept because it really ties into hey this is how we change our entire life and our business it’s just by these little things and i i so agree and then celebrate them so many people think that they have to wait to celebrate this is actually a discussion that happens in my own house a lot look we did this let’s celebrate oh no let’s wait a second hold on early and i was like why not i’m always looking for a reason to celebrate free because when we celebrate those little things it builds momentum and it fuels us up for that next summit and i don’t care how small it is i don’t care if you’re writing a book and you’ve just consistently wrote a hundred words a day for five days in a row celebrate exactly because we we get more of what we’re celebrating right we’re focused on on that thing and we’re celebrating it um it there will be more of it in our life so i i love that terminology daniel that’s great it’s good it’s good so talk to us about so you also wrote a book called the money game yeah tell me about that give us some insight on that so i i created a concept he says created a concept i mean there’s nothing new under the sun i basically took a lot of the stuff that i’d learnt and and reworked it into an idea that i call the flow funnel and what the flow funnel does is it literally tracks the journey of thought to matter and looks at the different ways that we end up engaging with it as humans on its way to being made manifest for us so we start with a choice with a conscious or unconscious which is going to be either our unconscious patterns or intention we then have an emotional response to that which is actually our first point of contact with the vibration of that thought stepping into physical reality we then have mental images associated with that thought whether it’s positive or not so positive that then affects our behaviors our choices that becomes a causation of the effect that we receive as our physical reality so i actually designed a game a few years ago when i was on my journey in book three the book three journey the savings had run out and i was literally just i was i was in i was in my own surrender experiment about how this is going to work i was like well i i i trusted so let’s go and let’s see how this is going to work but i was playing with this idea of you know bringing this intentionality just saying what if i just said i’ve got this amount of money and see what happens you know does there have can there be a predictability with manifestation so i created the money game we’ve now have uh the record is 75 000 australian dollars in two days playing the money game well um we do a challenge around it and the book kind of breaks down the whole system but what it’s doing is looking at simply deliberately choosing what goes into the top of the flow funnel and allowing that to be money that shows up at the bottom without us doing anything so the book speaks to the pseudo-science if you will behind it the ideas and philosophy around it case studies stories and breaks down the system of the money game and how you can start playing it wow that sounds interesting i um we’re again we’re going to give all the links in the show notes because we want to we want to see these things on the back end daniel because i we got to go poke around this money game i love the idea of it you know one thing i want to ask you about it just thinking back about something you said earlier um so again something we talk about a lot at pivot me is that when we’re when we’re branching out i’m kind of shifting gears a little bit when we’re branching out a lot of times people closest to us don’t see our vision right so if whether you’re starting a new business leaving school um not everybody will support us and so some of our content is around hey once you get straight about what your vision looks like where you’re headed don’t expect everyone to always rally around you sometimes people that are closest to us are really invested in the current version of us and a lot of times that’s fear right they’re afraid that maybe there’s not space for the old them in the new version of of you but i’m thinking back about something you said about your parents valuing higher education your father wanting to come to the uk because he valued education say hey i want to get that next level when you were branching out and saying no i’m going to be an entrepreneur instead of finishing college how was that received i mean that you kind of had to go against the grain to do that i know you had the rebellious streak i mean what did that look like my mom still thinks to this day that i’m going to finish my degree like in my mom’s mind that’s still happening right um but you know a big part of my journey and also you know even when i go back to you know my dalliance with suicide which isn’t and this is something i just want to just anyone who’s had any issues or challenges with depression and darker places that come through the wrong depression like if it hasn’t lifted completely i wouldn’t like get caught up on that generally speaking is not that it lifts is that your to handle those times may come up right but a big part of like the whole thing has been that that came into my life because i started to give more value on my beliefs about other people’s opinion not even their opinion but my beliefs about their opinion than what i valued of myself so a big part of the journey for me has been letting go of other people’s opinion there’s a there’s a meme i don’t know if you’ve seen it but there’s this guy like looking up saying lord save me from my haters and then there’s god like like dude nobody’s thinking about you right it’s like what do you think everyone’s got their own stuff going on and even the times that people speak about your stuff it’s normally their stuff that’s coming out and projecting into your stuff so i don’t really think that much about it is the long and short of it um a part of me is kind of determined to go and finish the degree just because a part of me is like have i not gone to do it because of fear so i want to just conquer that but it’s on the back burner against other stuff but i’m probably going to go and do that but i’m not doing it because mom says i’m going to do it i’m doing it because like well why am i not doing it i’ve got i’m smart enough to go and finish it i’m just going to just just finish it right but generally speaking a lot of people that face these ideas of other people holding them in holding them back oh i couldn’t because of blah blah you’re giving them too much that means that you don’t have enough leverage over yourself you don’t have enough commitment to what you’re moving to to put that above other people’s stuff sure so there’s a i’m a certified instructor for a modality called reality transfer again there’s a golden rule of trans surfing which is to do you and allow the people to do them so even those times when people doing them tries to impact on me i kind of like all right cool you’re welcome to that be better if you didn’t but i’m not gonna i’m not gonna open up my doors allow that stuff to impact what i’m doing and i think what can be hard too is that i think sometimes what happens especially for those who are closest to us they can speak to our fears and so i’m not educated enough i’m not good enough well you know something that happens a lot with parents that are kind of okay now i’m going to be this world-class speaker what does that mean for my kids am i going to be away from my family too much and so when those closest to us they know exactly the buttons to push so whether they’re you know you know consciously sabotaging us or just airing their own fears but they happen to mirror ours we’ve got to be aware of that and and the thing i will say is you don’t have to listen to it over and over again i can’t tell you the amount of business owners that i work with who’s maybe their spouses or their parents um don’t support them in that process you know hear them out hear their concerns see what you can address how you can mitigate them but ultimately um every time you go over as an adult and sit with your parents you don’t necessarily have to listen to the string of their fears again can’t undermine your successes exactly so part of a part of what we talk about is those healthy boundaries and say well you know if it’s going to undermine your your confidence and how you show up you don’t have to necessarily give them access into that again it goes back to your personal board of directors and sometimes sometimes our parents aren’t on them sometimes our our family our spouse sometimes they’re not on your personal board of directors because when you’re going after something big and juicy you’ve got to find the right people who will elevate you and if they’re always kind of giving you this mental this gentle nudge of like well i’m just a little concerned about you and it diminishes your confidence you don’t need that nudge right now yeah and what was saying earlier but being ready to make the hard choices yeah but when when you’re being really intentional about moving towards something and your commitment to it is high enough then those choices they’re not going to get easier but you’re going to be more resourced to step out and make them so my thing is to keep coming back to the heart keep coming back to love and keep asking yourself when you’re faced with these hard choices before taking it double check where you’re coming from because some people’s relationships won’t lead you into it but you know one thing i want to you know going down the rabbit hole like i said with the esoteric aspects of beyond intention what we teach is that ultimately everything that’s showing up in our reality is a reflection of where we’re at vibrationally anyway and so that person speaking to fears is because i’m vibration in line with having that person in my space sometimes the easiest way to break that vibrational alignment isn’t to go and do a million hours of meditation or to go to an ashram in india it’s just to make the choice not to allow it to be in your experience anymore from a place of love not from a place of anger from a place of fear and that’s a choice that’s not always easy but sometimes it’s called for and it’s a choice sometimes that we have to be ready to make in order to move to another level or just accept i’m happy to take this i’m actually more committed to staying in the same place and not growing and just dealing with the stuff here rather than letting go of my addiction to the people places and things that aren’t serving where i said i want to be because if i wanted to be there i’d be ready to let go and go there and you know one thing we talk about when we talk about peer groups a lot because um you know i’m a firm believer that you’re the five people you spend the most time with um and yeah and that can be hard because one of the things we talk about is your default peer group right your default peer groups people you work with people you live next to maybe the parents of of the kids that your kids play with and and that’s fine that we’ve kind of got this default peer group but we also have to design a peer group so one of the things is as daniel and i are talking about kind of leveling up and sometimes that means people don’t necessarily fit into our lives or maybe not as prominent of a role what i encourage people to do is think less about oh i’m going to cut this person out oh you know i can’t talk to my aunt sarah anymore because she always points out all the ways that the business is going to crumble so maybe you don’t cut out aunt sarah but another way to look at it let’s say the less painful way to look at this is think about diluting aunt sarah’s influence over you think about the people that you’re going to bring into your life again that that personal board of directors go okay aunt sarah’s there but she’s not like she’s not at the head of the table anymore answer like has to sit over the side she got her nobody left she’s got to be quiet and sarah you gotta stay quiet over there but i’m gonna bring in some other people i’m building a business so i’m gonna go out and speak with other successful business owners who’s done it i’m writing a bestselling book i haven’t done that before i’m going to get in the room with other best-selling authors because those will dilute that influence that you’re getting so sometimes you know people say i really want them in my life but they’re undermining my confidence or or my desire to do this thing i feel like it dissipates when i’m talking to them i’m like i get it you need to bring someone else in have those other influences people that are doing the thing you want to do because it doesn’t seem so radical when you’re sitting at coffee with two other best-selling authors you’re like oh this is just a tuesday afternoon now and then and also you get the context of other people’s experience too which kind of brings everything into perspective like the time that you spend like now that i spend time with like more dads in business oh yeah yeah i get it though but that just kind of brings in that i’m not alone in it it normalizes some of these experiences and the normalization reduces the charge and makes allows you i think empowers you to make more empowering choices in the face of even your aunts areas of the world and share those experiences so when you’re with them like so we’ll just use the example of the um the best-selling author so if you’re sitting there and you’re going okay i’m really struggling getting in my word count and you know maybe my my spouse isn’t supportive and they’re saying well why do you have to get up at 4am when your alarm goes off it wakes me up too these are conversations i have with my clients all the time like they’re getting up and they’re hustling at 4 am and their spouse is pissed off because they’re waking them up and i was like whoa wait a second like that that’s okay i’m sorry honey but i’m going after my dreams and that’s going to take some sacrifice on on both of our behalf but when you get together with those other people that have done the thing that you want to do share your experiences authentically share that i’m struggling because when my alarm goes off my spouse gets upset share the i’m worried that i’m speaking to this thing and maybe i’m not a true expert or maybe there’s somebody else out there that has more education and more experience than i do because it’s you know people will admire us for our successes but they will identify with us in our vulnerabilities so when you enter that conversation and you say hey is anybody else going through this you’ll be surprised how many hands go oh yeah yeah my husband gets pissed off every time and then you’re like because what do we want to know as humans we want to know we’re not alone we want to be seen and heard and so when you get with those people that are doing the thing you want to do have honest conversations with them and and you’ll meet you’ll meet in that space together and they’re going to help you through it 100 yeah so daniel talk to us about your your success practices like what does what does a day in daniel’s life in kabul look like it’s a bit different at the moment because i have a two-year-old that’s actually the king of the castle right yeah so yeah but ordinarily um finally i used to get up at 3 30 in the morning for years i got up at 3 30 for years and then i realized actually i was just getting up at 3 30 so i could tell people up at 3 30. like it became like a oh yeah i got 3 30. the time that i knew that i had to stop getting up at 3 30 when someone was like i think i was on something with a friend i think i was on a radio show i was like oh yeah dan does this and i i know that he does it because like we were here and he was up at 3 30 and even though we got back at this i was like oh wow this is actually losing its real function so yeah i became that guy so i like i like i like a 5 am 5 30 start essentially what i want and regardless of what the time is you need enough space to have a running start before your day begins to take care of you that’s what you’re looking for at the moment i’ve got like i’ve got a very condensed version because like we we we’ve got a schedule and whatever but i’ve got condensed version but ordinarily what i want to do is get clear on what i’m creating for my life as a whole get clear on what i want how i’m going to add to that for the day get clear on managing my spirit whether that’s emotionally through a meditation or some breath work or whatever i do something about my spirit i do something about my mind some kind of visualization practice and i get some movement in so that’s what i i do in the morning there’s five things when i’ve under ordinary circumstances i like to take a good hour hour and a half to be able to do that and really kind of get in with it do a juicy meditation get a nice yoga query and but like right now it could just be okay what my five words my five pillars connect with those what can i do today i can do this okay that’s cool let me just connect with the feeling of that take some like deep breaths meditate on that for a moment visualizing success get up and do some push-ups and then get on with my day that might be what it is right now but essentially it’s just taking care of that my spirit my mind and my body to prep me up to show up against the backdrop of what i’m creating for my life and how i’m contributing for that with my day that’s good i think it’s it’s really important to hear that when you’ve got kids now this can be difficult depending on the age of the kids the key is getting up before them they will prioritize your voice for them so yeah it’s it’s funny because we get that question a lot from parents they’re like how do you still do a morning routine when you’ve got kids and i’m like you have to get up for them i’m sorry you just have to because otherwise you’re responding to the triggers that are your children and it’s their needs and they’re hungry and it’s the snacks and whatever it is you’ve got to get up and set that um set the goal for the day before anybody else is awake and and the other thing as well you know around that is it’s it doesn’t have to be like listen i can end up when i’ve got the time of breathing space like i practice kundalini yoga you can end up doing like an hour and a half kundalini practice and then an hour meditation and this and the other thing really do you always need that he’s just like yeah really just need that studies have shown five minutes of actual heart-centered meditation is effective as fudge you know now i’m not saying don’t meditate for long periods of time if you’ve got the space to do it but don’t get hung up on the oh i couldn’t do my 45 minutes one hour meditation thinking me jiggy duda blah blah blah and i didn’t okay what do you have time for yeah yeah that’s so important so i did the this a savers morning routine if you’re familiar with it from um hal elrod’s book the miracle morning i love the miracle morning for entrepreneurs the one that he did with uh cameron harold and it’s savors you know it’s uh silence affirmations visualization exercise writing and um reading i think i have the letters mixed up there but that’s effectively the order and ideally you’re doing 10 minutes for each one of those things um but at the minimum you’re doing one minute for each one of those things and it’s still effective some people are like i don’t have time for a morning routine i’m like you have six minutes everybody’s got six minutes in the morning and that sets you off on your day in an ideal world you’re doing this nice juicy hour-long morning routine but sometimes that’s just not the case compress it so have your ideal here’s my meditation pillow version and here’s the the kids are about to wake up i gotta get something in real quick and use you know plan a or plan b but you just have to have that moment to yourself to set up your day um and it completely changes the way we experience throughout our day and some things can you you can stack something so for example you know even just saying my prayer of gratitude before i even open my eyes just to kind of get me get me clear again my five pillars practice means i’ve got five key words that i’ve already imprinted as anchors to trigger a relationship to those five pillars for my life as a whole i don’t have to watch my my movie i’d have to read my like i just go through those five and you sit in my heart with every one of those five and that’s done boom gratitude reflecting getting into my heart space 60 seconds can get that done even if that’s all that you can do you have at least created space for you to be able to come back and do a bit more later [Music] let me take 10 minutes to do a bit of longer meditation sure okay i didn’t quite get to stretch or kind of get get some yoga in but maybe i can get that done during my lunch time but just have something to get that momentum in the right direction have a minimum deliverable a minimum that you know for you because everyone’s going to be different for some people the visualization is the most important for some people it’s a meditation for some people it’s affirmation for some people because the kids are especially allowed it’s the silence find that minimum deliverable have that locked in and then allow yours allow yourself grace to come back and get some more of it done over the course of your day too yeah that’s so important and allow yourself some grace we can never expect perfection we’re humans which we are inherently flawed um and sometimes we were like well if i can’t do it perfect i’m not going to do it at all this is not going to be an easy life for you you’ve got to celebrate the good enough all right get it up we got it we know we’ve got it let’s keep going so um again it’s not about perfect execution it’s about consistent execution exactly expect perfect perfect execution it’s just not going to happen that’s just not how life is set up um daniel so i want to i want to ask you well let me ask a question about what you just said your your pillars what are your colors are they goals are they the ways that you show up in the world tell us tell us about your videos i’ve got a model and there’s a free video on my youtube channel about the ideal life blueprint it’s a model that i created for creating your own reality and what you essentially do is you you identify the five foundations for the life that’s going to be ideal for you now there’s going to be extra stuff but these are the five things if you had to take your ideal life and put everything into just five boxes what would those boxes be now i personally interrogate that once a week i encourage people to keep interrogating it to make sure that there’s been no evolution there’s been no change there’s no things that come up so once you’ve got those five pillars and again the video give you the link on on the there’s like a five minute video that goes into the quick version of this but once you’ve got those five pillars you identify a role model for each one you identify a textbook that speaks to how you want to sharpen each of those ones and then you have a key word for each of those ones so what you want to do is prime yourself around those five pillars with the keyword you can do a physical anchor as well if you’re into the nlp right you can have a song for each other if you want you can have a book so the books i read through my board of directors around my life are those five role models as much as possible have a mentor as well that can guide you and support you in those five areas but if you’ve got those five basic areas taken care of then everything else is extra sprinkles and five things like five words for me to focus on five areas for me to focus on i can spend when i’m doing resets i’ll spend a week focusing on just that pillow so when i’m looking at for example like uh health and vitality was there up until a little while ago for a week i was focusing just on my health and vitality getting blood work done checking where i’m at internally what can i be doing to prime my diet you know tracking my my exercise and blah blah blah to make sure that i know where i’m i’m moving in momentum is moving towards that thing as a perfect execution because it’s only five things you can spend like a month five weeks and do a complete life reset in five weeks just by spending time every day working on one aspect of that pillar so it’s great for getting momentum it’s great for having a nice overview area you can use that to go and create your vision board you can use that to go into your live script you can use it to go and do my movie because it’s five areas and you can design what does that look like and blah blah blah but that’s what the five pillars are i love it i love it that was a great answer daniel i love it um as you’re doing it i’ve started to write down mine i was like oh i like this exercise here’s a really cool thing you can do brainstorm like stuff that you think you want in your life interrogate that list and see if it’s actually yours whatever’s left just group it into five groups and then you’ll have yeah to go from there so what i do is i i do like a wheel of life we have a wheel of life and a wheel of business too but we do a wheel of life and then based off of those areas then i make a mind map out of them nice i’m looking at my mind map right here and i’m like i want to apply this five pillar of things to the mind map and distill it down loads of applications because it’s just something you can remember i don’t need to oh my god i’ve got my whole vision and my life script it’s got five words yeah now it’s beautiful it’s great i love it i love it um daniel what here’s a big question all right if you could i’m getting you ready for it okay you ready for it it’s coming if you could tell the world one thing what would that be if i could tell the world one thing now it could be a sentence obviously it’s not one word okay if you’re not creating it your unconscious mind is nailed it it’s good yeah that was definitely it if you aren’t creating it the unconscious mind is man that’s good you should write another book daniel that’s really good stuff man i’ve actually just picked the title for my next book did you you picked the title before you wrote it i picked i picked the title because because i had the outline of it and like i needed a better title than the one i had and now i’ve got it so well yeah so um we’ll see you heard it first here on pivot me guys do you hear it he didn’t say it but we know daniel we don’t know what it is we just know it’s gonna be good i’ll get you a copy don’t worry i’ll get you i’ll get your copy good good okay so we’ve got one more question but before i ask that last question um where can people find you so we’re gonna look through notes but tell us where dreamwithdan.com is the best place to find everything dream with dan.com yeah okay perfect that’s how you can find your books exactly all of that stuff okay the best resource yeah i’m actually in the middle of doing some re-digging to make it even easier to navigate and putting some extra resources on there now but dreamweaverdan.com is where we want to be perfect perfect okay so for my last question what is next for daniel so we know that there’s a book in the wings what’s next for you found out last week i’m going to be in a documentary so that’s pretty cool um make sure you leave the right airport airport say i told you that was a hard story now we’re already on that route that trooper is definitely a west place so that um uh i was due on the 10th stage september but um who knows in the covered world what’s going to happen with that right but yeah so the documentaries big up this year um tedx later this year next book later this year but right now this year i’m really focusing on um virtual events so i’m going to be doing a lot of virtual stuff we want to kind of get a good high quality virtual event out every month with some cool people so that’s um that’s where we’re at for this this year for sure oh that’s so nice that’s one thing that’s really come out of um this covid season we’ll call it is that the virtual events the quality has gone up i mean there are some really great virtual events in general but now everybody’s just stepped up their game on virtual events and you can bring such an amazing experience globally to people that may not be able to fly into san francisco or chicago or toronto to see you now they get to experience it virtually so that’s been a huge huge gift that um this season has uh given us we’ve all got better audio video now yeah exactly yeah that’s good daniel thank you so much for your insight your vulnerability your experience um there’s just so much uh so much more that we could ask you i think we’re gonna have to have you on pivot me again after this uh documentary in the tedx we gotta hear about how that goes and when your next book is out as well come back and tell us about that all right well thank you so much and enjoy capo thank you i’ll do my best all right we are going offline

Listen to the podcast:

About Our Guest:

Daniel Mangena, Wall Street Journal “Master of Success” Public Speaker and 2x Best Selling Author. After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing a life-shattering trauma at the age of 20, Daniel spent 7 years struggling to keep these revelations and events from spilling into every area of his life. As a result of his struggles, Daniel built a simple, four-step system called the Beyond Intention Paradigm.

Through his motivational speeches, Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy. His books and podcast series have all helped thousands across the globe. His prolific work recently earned him a spot in the Wall Street Journal as a “Master of Success”. As seen on Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX.

Connect with Daniel Mangena

Interview Highlights:

Daniel talks about the mistakes that led him into losing his business and millions by age 24 and the lessons he picked from that experience.

We discuss the importance of stepping into your purpose and going beyond intention to reach your most fulfilling destination in life. Listen in to learn the importance of taking baby steps, staying consistent, and celebrating minimum deliverables.

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [2:28] Tell us about a time you pivoted?
  • [11:10] Not so much how did you get it, but how did you lose it?
  • [16:05] Where did all this confidence come from? Was it just the desire to rebel?
  • [42:29] Talk to us about your book The Money Game?
  • [44:57] When you were branching out and choosing entrepreneurship instead of finishing college, how was that received?
  • [54:31] Talk to us about your success practices. What does a day in the life of Daniel look like?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [2:32] Daniel narrates his journey from becoming a millionaire at 20 to losing it all within a year, plus finding success again.
  • [11:29] He explains the mistakes he made that led to him losing millions, plus tips on how to protect your business.
  • [18:50] How he focuses on the internal and taking the opportunities that align with him.
  • [22:02] How he let go of coaching to follow the calling that gave him fulfillment and joy.
  • [31:15] How to set an intention with an honest look of where you are, to increase your chances of reaching your destination.
  • [37:57] Micro-shift your life by taking baby steps, staying consistent, and celebrating minimum deliverables.
  • [42:35] He describes where the idea of writing his book The Money Game came from.
  • [49:26] Always double-check where you’re coming from when faced with hard choices.
  • [54:38] The five things that Daniel focuses on each day and his future plans.
  • [1:01:15] How to identify the five foundations for your ideal life and prime yourself around them.


  • “Choices are made from where we’re at internally.”– Daniel [10:31]
  • “When we change our input, we change the environment, we change the narrative, we change the choices, and we change the reality.”– Daniel [10:38]
  • “When we celebrate those little things, it builds momentum and fills us up for the next summit.”– April [42:01]
  • “Ultimately, everything that’s showing up in our reality is the reality of where we’re at vibrationally.”– Daniel [50:01]
  • “If you’re not creating it, your unconscious mind is.”– Daniel [1:04:40]


Daniel Social Handle:

Instagram: @dreamerceo

Facebook: DreamWithDan

LinkedIn: Dreamer CEO

Twitter: @dreamerceo



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4 Steps To Doing More in Less Time

The right Framework takes the Guesswork out of Productivity.

If you are tired of drowning in to-do lists, struggling to get everything done, and while still performing at your best, then this FREE video mini-series is for you.


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