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Why You Need Digital Marketing to Stay in Business, Eric Rebelo Digital Business Development Firm


About Our Guest:

Eric Rebelo, is the founder of a digital business development firm that builds sales & marketing growth systems for service-based businesses.


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On PivotMe today, we have Eric Rebelo, the founder of a digital business development firm that builds sales & marketing growth systems for service-based businesses. He does this by using online advertising, SEO, conversion websites, and media.

Eric explains the power of having a compelling offer to attract customers and minimizing the message on your website to stimulate people’s interest. He also explains the importance of being intense with your Facebook ads to stand out and eventually increase your conversion rates.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of placing your main focus on your clients and tailoring your message to what they need today. Listen in to learn how to apply the 80/20 rule in your marketing campaign by doing small things that will get you a lot of impact. 

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [2:57] Talk to us about what you do today and what your clients typically look like.
  • [21:57] Who is this strategy right for, and who isn’t it right for?
  • [40:50] What do you love about this topic, and how did you end up here?
  • [53:45] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [3:15] How Eric helps service-based businesses with higher profit margins do advertising by increasing their online traffic.
  • [5:23] Why you should have a compelling offer to attract people to what you’re selling.
  • [13:57] How to use human psychology when creating Facebook ads to increase your conversion rates.
  • [20:05] Learn to be uncomfortable so you can be the best in your industry when it comes to scaling your business.  
  • [27:31] The small things to improve your Google ranking and increase your scaling results.  
  • [32:16] Marketing inflation – learn to keep up with the market, or your business is going to fail.
  • [47:24] The importance of having a peer group to help you in your journey to growing a business.
  • [53:50] He explains the importance of getting clear and consistent with your goals to achieve them. 



  • “You have to have some type of offer that when you put it out there it’s understanding the customer’s problem and they actually desire it.”– Eric [5:40]
  • “You want to be best possible business and be better than your competitors in every single way you can because mediocrity isn’t acceptable anymore when it comes to really scaling your business.”– Eric [21:38]
  • “Don’t just spend all this time getting better on your craft, you’ve got to let the marketplace know who you are.”– April [31:56]
  • “The tough part about growing a business is that no one really believes in you at the beginning until you actually do anything.”– Eric [47:24]


Connect with Eric: https://www.ericrebelo.com/


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