Strategic Account Executive at Salesforce

Ian Koniak, Strategic Account Executive
Software Company
El Segundo, CA

About Our Guest:

With over 100M sold at Fortune 500 companies, Ian Koniak is a leading expert in sales whose current and former global client list includes Berkshire Hathaway, Experian, Activision, Toshiba, and Panda Express. 

 Through a massive commitment to alignment, vision and purpose, he has held countless positions as the #1 salesperson including the #1 Account Executive in the Enterprise Division of Salesforce.com, a 17 billion dollar global company with more than 50,000 employees worldwide.  

Ian has appeared on many of the leading business podcasts as a sales expert, and has led sales training workshops at several Fortune 500 companies including Salesforce and Ricoh.

Connect with Ian Koniak at iankoniak.com



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