Jackie Munoz


Jackie Muñoz, Owner & Founder
J&H Insurance
Insurance Company
Calgary, Canada

Interview Highlights:

    1. Adapting business practices quickly to meet Canadian regulations for the insurance industry (4:40)
    2. Adapt. Get out of your comfort zone and be flexible to serve your clients (6:02)
    3. She created a script and a schedule for her staff so they could care for clients while following safety guidelines (7:25)
    4. Shifting office/ business to virtual setting (8:44)
    5. As a business owner and a leader, do not fear failure (10:46)
    6. Positive self-talk to help you move forward during uncertainty (13:00)
    7. Supporting and leading your team through challenging times (17:14)
    8. It is ok to continue to sell a product if it provides value and service to your clients (19:02)
    9. This time of hardship will pass. This can be a transformational time (25:04)
    10. This will be such a small part of our story, keep a broader focus for the future (28:36)
    11. Words of encouragement and advice for business leaders (32:29)


About Our Guest:

Jackie Munoz is owner and founder of J&H Insurance company based in Calgary, Canada. She specializes in ensuring clients with high-risk occupations and extreme sport enthusiasts to make sure that they and their families receive the help that they need, when they need it. 

Connect with Jackie Munoz at Facebook: J&H Insurance (@jandhinsurancecalgary)


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