Owner of Tcoaches

Mark Keene, Owner
Pastor & Coach
Lexington, KY

Interview Highlights:

1. Serving and supporting others through this pandemic (5:15)
2. People are looking for leadership. There is an opportunity for business leaders to step up. (7:23)
3. Communication is vital (9:47)
4. Tomorrow was an unknown and nothing was guaranteed BEFORE Covid19, it is no different now. (11:58)
5. Fill the leadership gap to counteract negativity and fear (12:45)
6. Uses Slack and Zoom to be consistent in business and also to maintain the human connection (14:56)
7. Leadership during adversity: you do not step down, you step up. (22:25)
8. You can still sell a product during these times. Add value and help eliminate a problem while making sure that your intentions are right. (33:05)
9. Affirmations for business leaders (44:47)
10. Powerful visualization (46:08)

About Our Guest:

Mark Keene is the Owner of Transformation Coaching, a Mastermind Coach and long-time Pastor. The combination of his love for people and high energy allow him to serve and push people to fulfill their potential.

Connect with Mark Keene at www.tcoaches.com


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