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Healing Your Pain and Helping Your Business Matt LeBris from Shark Tank Daymond John to Award-Winning Entrepreneur


About Our Guest:

Matt LeBris, an award-winning entrepreneur, nationally coveted speaker, and top-ranked podcast host.

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On PivotMe today, we have Matt LeBris, an award-winning entrepreneur, nationally coveted speaker, and top-ranked podcast host. He’s a beacon of light through his work, which has positively impacted many lives throughout the globe as he is in pursuit of his North Star goal of impacting 1 billion lives.

Matt shares the story of failing out of college, the last-minute conversation he had with Damon John of Shark Tank, and how he ended up working with him before building his 1B Branding, an NYC-based branding agency. He also explains how his past lavish lifestyle and self-sabotaging ways got him into trouble.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of healing the inner child to become mindful in your business endeavors. Listen in to learn how to deal with self-sabotage by focusing on self-healing and progress rather than perfection.

Pivotal Questions Asked:

[7:16] Was it hard to focus in college when you had a side gig that most people want for salary?
[13:36] The way you ran your business before versus how you run the business now, how are they different?
[16:36] How much do you see the unfolding of your childhood showing up in your business?
[19:10] When you look at other business owners whether they’re your clients or ones you’ve interacted with, how are they self-sabotaging, and is it because they haven’t done the process of healing?
[34:50] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

[3:22] How and why he started his podcast and the interesting story of how he ended up working for Damon John of Shark Tank.
[8:59] Matt on his drive and experience working for Damon John.
[10:36] How he matured in his healing journey and stopped his ego from driving his life.
[13:41] How pivoting allowed Matt to become mindful in the way he operates his business.
[15:06] Learn to be gentle with yourself and trust the process as a high performer.
[19:28] How we often self-sabotage as entrepreneurs by chasing perfection and not progress.
[34:43] Events + perspective equals the outcome – learn to see the best out of every situation.

Connect with Matt:



“Before healing, I would continuously self-sabotage when things went so good that I couldn’t believe that I deserved to be rewarded by my hard work in such a way.”- Matt [19:28]
“All that matters is that when you do self-sabotage, you get back on as quick as you can.”- April [22:38]

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