Founder of the Sales Mastery Society

Host of Master the Sales Game Podcast.

Susan McVea, Founder
Sales Mastery Society & Host of Master the Sales Game
Consulting Business
Vancouver, Canada

Interview Highlights:

1. Daily check-ins on her Slack channel to see how her team members are doing emotionally during these difficult times. Uses a 1-5 scale. (6:48)
2. Keep work as normal as possible so your employees have consistency and stability while allowing the flexibility required of the situation (11:40)
3. ClickUp is an amazing project management program that helps organize and monitor tasks with your team (16:04)
4. Opportunity to clean up your business (19:55)
5. Evaluate new skill sets and processes that you can develop that will help your business thrive (24:15)
6. Sleep, Eat and Move. Get fresh air and sunshine. Create good habits to take care of your body. (31:24)
7. Maintain your focus as a business (34:56)
8. Limit social media usage to platforms that are uplifting (38:29)
9. This too shall pass (45:50)

About Our Guest:

Susan McVea is the founder of the Sales Mastery Society and host of Master the Sales Game Podcast. A Business Sales Strategist based in Vancouver, Canada, she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners become comfortable and passionate with marketing their products and services to increase revenue.

Connect with Susan McVea at http://www.susanmcvea.com/


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