Welcome to the Spark with April Garcia!

This podcast is an upgrade for anyone wanting to build a better life, a better YOU, so you can contribute more to your corner of the world.

I want you to step forward. I want to be The Spark that lights you on FIRE! You can’t stay comfortable! I want you pushing. Reaching. I want you to stand up. I want you to RUN.  Run towards your goals. Run toward a better life. Even if your life is great, practice gratitude—love your life.  But know that this same life won’t be good enough for you next year.  You need to keep outgrowing yourself!

Ask yourself one question: If you died today, would your best still be inside of you? Have you given it all?

Helping good people become even better, this is The Spark with April Garcia.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The importance of celebrating your success
  • How to use prior achievements as fuel to push you to your next goal
  • How to break through self-limiting beliefs by recognizing how far you have come
  • The sandwich rule on giving feedback to others, and to ourselves
  • How to focus on what we have done RIGHT with the magic of the Atta-folder

Today, we discuss a problem that many, especially high achievers, face: We do not celebrate our successes.

It is all too easy to reach a goal and just move the goal post out even farther instead of recognizing how far we have come.

Are you celebrating your successes the way you would celebrate the success of a friend? Or, are you accomplishing amazing things and instead of enjoying what you’ve done, you are dealing with doubt and negativity?

Not celebrating your successes coupled with negative self-talk is enough to bring anybody down.

By focusing on our strengths when faced with negativity, we can re-program ourselves to push through the down times (they WILL happen) and to quickly bring ourselves back to the truth.

Let’s punch negativity in the face!


  • Create your Atta-folder! Right now! Don’t leave the site of inspiration without taking action! Grab your phone, make a folder and start moving texts, screenshots, pictures- any and all evidence of your successes and accomplishments! If you are at the office, create a folder in your inbox or on your computer and do the same. Refer to this folder any time a low moment strikes and you need that boost of positivity!
  • Celebrate your successes! Jump up and down about that thing you did even if it was years ago, feel the joy like it was today!