As a seven-figure entrepreneur Jillian has created, launched, and built five different businesses in three different industries.

Hear Jillian’s pivotal moment when a car crash forced her to rethink how she did business. Learn how she moved from the coroner’s office to life as an international business owner, and we get real about the mass exodus of talented women leaving the workforce because they can’t see how to align parenting with their career path… Wildly successful and relatable, Jillian is an interview you don’t want to miss!

As the founder of FND Insurance & Financial Services, LLC, her current business, is one of the elite few that was chosen in all of the state of Washington to be the preferred provider by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and has been featured regularly in the media. From forensic biologist to health insurance broker and entrepreneur to international business owner, Jillian Flodstrom is a specialist in helping her clients mitigate the feelings of overwhelm, chaos, and confusion when it comes to leading and growing their businesses. She is the host of the upcoming Scale Your Small Business podcast and frequently does presentations for small business organizations as well as being on the board of directors of a national nonprofit dedicated to raising funds to support people living with life threatening health conditions.  With a relentless passion for efficiency, organization, and strategic planning Jillian has dedicated her time and her business to helping and inspiring small business owners to become more productive, more aligned and more in control of their future.

You can find out more and connect with Jillian Flodstrom at www.jillianflodstrom.com

Interview Highlights: 18:15 Pivot point in car accident 29:20 Amazing talent pulled out of the workforce, and what we can do about it We get tactical and real about the flexible staffing solutions she does with her team. Always – make your to-do list before you wrap up the day at the office. How she navigated not being picked the first time for a prestigious award. Come from a place of education instead of selling Entrepreneurship is like dodge ball. Hire people before you are ready. Using a staffing agency for outside talent When something doesn’t work- its on me as the business owner. ————————

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