Do you want to create a bigger impact than what you’re creating now? Stuck in that starfish story of impacting individuals instead of the massive impact you know you’re capable of? April was once there exhausted and stuck until she made that decision to change.

In this episode, April talks about how you can move from one-on-one level and intentionally magnify who you’re impacting.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [1:50] Stop impacting on a one on one level. It is important to understand that one-on-one impacts do matter but you need a bigger audience to influence. Be intentional when you’re influencing.
  • [5:34] Look for ways to expand your impact. Think of the impact you’re going to make on either a few or the many and find ways to magnify that by teaching others how to impact.

Show notes Quotes:

  • “You’ve got the ability to have a massive impact too and get a bigger bucket to get your starfish back in.”  
  • “Sometimes you’re going to just impact one person with what you’re doing, but you can magnify that impact by teaching others to impact.”

Show notes Footer:

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