Big week for the PivotMe Team and my company Maven! This is the week that we launched MultiplyMe, the digital course showing you how to get more done, in less time. Today we give 5 tips from the course so you can be more productive TODAY.

1. Manage Distraction – don’t look at everything that’s on your list. If you look at all the things, it will become overwhelming. Look at one thing at a time. Put your phone/inbox on Airplane mode while completing a critical task.

2. Time Block. Time Block your activities by picking one thing you will focus on at a time. You allocate a chunk of time, in advance, that you are going to handle a task. At 2pm read this report. At 10am schedule the dentist appointment. If you do not have a specific time you are “scheduled” to do something, you are less likely and less effective at getting it done

3. Set A Timer. A modification of the Pomodoro technique, set a timer and race against the clock to get your one thing done.

4. Ruthless Prioritization You must address your unwieldy to-do list. There is too much on your to-do list Not everything on your list is created equal. Focus less on what you need to cut out, and more on what you need to prioritize. What is the most important thing that gets you to your goal quickest? We aren’t just here to get things done. We are here to get the right things done.

5. Identify your One Thing Identify the One Thing, a concept discussed in Gary Keller and Jay Papasan book, “The ONE THING: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.” “Think BIG, but focus on ONE SPECIFIC thing at a time.” “What’s the ONE THING I can do that will make everything else easier or even unnecessary?” What’s the ONE THING I can do to ensure that I hit my goals… ? What’s the ONE THING I can do to further my career or business… ? What’s the ONE THING I can do to decrease my stress Once you narrow in on the ONE THING that will yield the most benefit and results, then making it happen becomes the priority.

These highlights were pulled from MultiplyMe How to get 3x as much done, in less hours a day. 10 video modules, 10 pdf worksheets you can use again and again.

Just you and me—and some Productivity tea. Be ultra productive and perform at your best, even now.

Join us MultiplyRs www.pivot-me.com/multiplyme