You might be the newest person in the room, but it doesn’t mean you are the least valuable. If you are the newest business, employee, coach—that doesn’t mean that you have the least value to add. It doesn’t mean your services or product are bottom dollar.

You must charge based on the value you bring, and what the marketplace will pay.

If you are an excellent communicator, disciplined, motivating, etc. then you are more effective at whatever your given craft is—and should be compensated.

Thinking about stepping up and stepping out?

People aren’t going to like it, and “life-ers” may doubt your pricing and your worthiness.

Don’t waste a minute on them. They chose their path. Now you chose yours.

Focus on adding tremendous value. Leveraging ALL your skills.

You might be the newest person in the room. But you might add the MOST value.


Be productive. Be effective. And perform at your best. Even now.

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