In this episode, I talk with Dr. Paige Gutheil—an osteopathic family physician, teacher and founder—and we delve on the following topics: Dr. Paige building membership model (her virtual comprehensive primary care), being our best own doctor, her experiences in her actual practice, and being the best purpose-driven mom you can possibly be.

Dr. Paige also shares the advantages and the disadvantages in providing comprehensive primary care and integrative health memberships virtually. Listen to her talk about her business and the struggles that come with it in this episode.

She provides tips on how to be your own best doctor and teaches how to self Rx (self prescribe) Whole Health—body, mind, spirit and life! Plus, she shares how her Signature Whole Health tools and support systems came to be.

Furthermore, Dr Paige and I also speak about her actual practice, being an entrepreneur, and how she acts as doctor-therapist-coach for her patients. Find out how stress affects our Whole Health and how to deal with stress the right way. She also shared her defining moment in transitioning from her traditional practice into membership model and the response she received going into the Holistic Care approach.

Lastly, we touch on the benefit of Dr. Paige’s kind of career and how it affects her as a mom, as a woman running a business and as a wife. She caps the episode with the importance of establishing work-life integration versus work-life balance and advocating one’s own health.

Dr. Paige Gutheil is an osteopathic family physician, teacher, and founder of the industry-disrupting holistic healthcare collaborative, Signature Primary Care and Wellness. Dr Paige as a well-respected leader at the healthcare system has earned numerous honors for her impactful mentorship and service in the medical profession.

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Check out her website at www.drpaige.com

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