EPS 27: Release your STONE and stop SABOTAGING

Hear how one of our listeners found herself in an office stall flushing a piece of paper down the toilet!  Plus – a field trip!

In This Episode, You Will:

1. Identify the Stones that are weighing you down 2. Understand how these old thoughts and limiting beliefs are sabotaging us and holding us back from a kick ass life 3. How to release our stones and live a lighter life. Releasing your STONE is focused on identifying the things that are holding you back. A story or belief, a past experience, a regret—something that you are still carrying around that is literally weighing you down. Imagine if you lived your whole life, walking around every day carrying stones in your pockets. Can you feel how heavy and uncomfortable that would be? They’d make your pockets bulge and make it uncomfortable to move forward. They are with you all the time, changing how you move, and function in the world. Time to find your STONEs…and toss them in the water! Action Steps: 1. Identify your stones and label them. 2. Literally release one of your stones into a body of water. Resources: Sharpies! No joke.