In this episode you will learn:

How to create your 4 Big Rocks How to get leverage on them, dramatically increasing your success 4 Powerful tips for achieving them and creating your best year


KISS and Pain & Pleasure. Keep it simple and use Pain & Pleasure to get leverage on your goals.

Your WHY. Connecting to your WHY, the reason behind the goal, supercharges your efforts. With a big enough WHY, the HOW becomes the easy part.

Language matters. Don’t say-  “I hope to”  OR   “I’d like to”.  Hope is not a strategy! And Likes are something you do on Facebook. Make it a MUST, so your brain gets onboard.

Manage your body. Make your brain and your body believe you. Throw your shoulders back, speak with authority, and find your Wonder Woman Pose.

 Follow up:

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