In This Episode, You Will Learn To:

∙      Identify self-sabotaging behavior

∙      Recognize your negative patterns and triggers

∙      Create a healthy replacement behavior

∙      Practice the new behavior until a habit is formed

Let’s talk about self-sabotage.

This is a topic that we ALL struggle with! It doesn’t matter what level you are at nor how enlightened, it doesn’t matter how successful you are or how grateful you are for the life that you have: self–sabotage does not discriminate. You are not alone!

So, why? Why do we do it? Why do we work so hard to realize a dream, an ideal job, a diet, a business, a partner, ideal finances, and then stand in our own way?

Today we will unpack the 3 most common reasons that we self-sabotage, learn to recognize our triggers and gain the tools to begin creating new habits to keep us moving forward with our goals.


  • Identify Your Triggers! Is it Steve and his homebrew, binge-watching TV or smoking cigarettes every time you drink? You will lessen the power that your triggers hold over you, just by identifying them!
  • Now that you can recognize what triggers your cycle of self-sabotage, WRITE DOWN what you are replacing this limiting belief or negative behavior with. You can’t expect yourself to choose better at the moment, so you have to start reconditioning yourself before the trigger appears again. Don’t rely on self-discipline. Instead, rely on healthy, practiced habits!
  • Beware the stories you tell yourself.  Stop reliving old chapters and following comfortable, destructive patterns. You are not tied to a label.  You can decide each day. You can CHOOSE, who you are today.